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Designing for All: Harnessing the Strengths of Diversity and Inclusion

Fail Faster

Episode 388


30 minutes

Crystal Woodard is an accomplished Director of Enterprise UX Design & Research at Lumen Technologies, leading a global, multi-disciplinary team of product designers and UX researchers.

Using her robust user experience design and research background, Crystal is helping Lumen deliver valuable experiences supporting buying and management tasks for telecom and technology products and services. Crystal has established and implemented design and research best practices within several organizations.

At Lumen, she developed a career ladder framework that supports the growth and development of her team members, resulting in multiple promotions for existing teammates. She also established a research practice that provides valuable insights and conducted numerous tactical and strategic research studies. Crystal led her team in introducing a fully digital buying experience for telecom professionals, resulting in improved user satisfaction, reduced task completion time, and increased lead generation for Sales.

In addition to her professional achievements, Crystal has a range of interests and hobbies. She enjoys traveling, binge-watching series on Netflix, being a dog mom to her Shepsky, redecorating her house, going on random weekend road trips, trying new restaurants with friends, and keeping up with her favorite blogs.

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