Fintech for art, from NFTs to the Metaverse to create a solid investment

Podcast Description In the podcast titled ‘Fintech for art, from NFTs to the Metaverse to create a solid investment’, our guest Enrico Molinari speaks about the metaverse and how it is going to be a game changer. , As per him we have to offer a collective set of connected customer experiences, structured and organized in such a way as to connect the visitor to the live experience, create the dynamic, to personalize, and the end result would be a solid digital economy. Additionally, he laid emphasis on simulation and virtual experiences that will change the entire landscape of how we do work and live life.

About Speaker –
Dr. Prof. Enrico Molinari is a game changer and innovation omnichannel CMO marketing manager.

He is an economist, journalist, international keynote speaker & author, and innovation and digital thought leader for European ITAgreement and Authority Agencies. He is a professor in economics, fintech, marketing innovation, and global on-offline communication strategist. He was director in charge of high-tech corporations and global startups and an external agent & expert evaluator for the European Commission.

Currently, he holds the role of Innovation Manager & Team Digital Coordinator in the Italian Chamber of Commerce System, leading the adoption of Emerging Technologies like AI, IoT & IIoT, Blockchain, Big Data Analytics, CX, AR & VR and Digital Payments in companies powered by the Ministry of Economic Development.

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