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From vision to execution: Insights from Leepa

Fail Faster

Episode 455


34 minutes

Leepa Mohanty serves as the Director of Program Strategy at the Business Transformation Office of Reynolds Consumer Products.

Her overarching goal is to steer the organization towards success, leveraging her expertise in leadership, strategy, and program management. Leading a high-performing team, Leepa spearheads crucial transformation initiatives, enhancing revenue streams and optimizing business operations. Driven by a fervor for cultivating inclusive workplaces, Leepa is committed to nurturing environments where everyone feels valued. Prior to her role at Reynolds Consumer Products, she played instrumental roles in transformation within the Fintech sector at Citibank and Capgemini. Leepa has a proven track record of tackling intricate challenges and delivering tangible results. Beyond her professional pursuits, Leepa finds joy in creating music. She resides in Chicago with her husband and two children.

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