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Fail Faster

Episode 434


41 minutes

Join us for a special episode of the Fail Faster podcast as we explore the world of customer support with Matthew Caron, VP of Customer Experience and Onboarding at OpenTable.

Matthew shares his personal journey from holding a CSR job nobody desires to uncovering beauty within the chaos and becoming a successful leader in customer support. He candidly discusses the challenges he faced and how he not only overcame but also eliminated the victim mindset that he repeatedly came across in this industry.

Matthew also offers a valuable perspective and tactical advice on how to empower the CSR teams as they hold the precious human connection every brand desires to establish and nurture long term. He strongly believes that the CSR team holds the success of any brand in that sense. This episode is a must listen for every leader who influences the customer support function of their org, as you will find some game changing techniques.

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