How to Innovate Your Supply Chain with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to Become a Value Driver?

Podcast Description In this podcast, we were delighted to have an insightful chat with Dr. Marcell Vollmer, the digital transformation and supply chain expert. The conversation kicks off with Marcell giving a layman’s definition of the term “supply chain”. He takes us through his professional journey and shares with us his motto: “Learn every single day”. He talks about the impact of globalization on supply chains and why we need to rethink the way we set up supply chains. Marcell also smoothly tackles our main query, i.e., what is the role of big data and artificial intelligence in the supply chain? He highlighted the need for risk management and mitigation. Marcell believes that it is up to us to define the future.

About Speaker – Marcell Vollmer is Chief Executive Officer at Prospitalia Group. Before  that, he was Partner & Director at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), with over 20 years of experience developing and implementing procurement, supply chain, finance, shared services, and digital transformation strategies across industries globally. Prior to joining BCG, Marcell was Chief Innovation Officer at Celonis, the world’s leading process mining software company. He brings more than 15 years of successful digital transformation and procurement optimization experience gained at SAP in various roles such as Chief Digital Officer, Chief Operating Officer as well as Chief Procurement Officer and Senior Vice President. He has also managed various strategy and implementation projects at PA Consulting Group as well as at DHL Express.

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