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Fail Faster

Episode 458


24 minutes

Welcome to Fail Faster! Today, we are thrilled to introduce our guest, Syed Bilal Ali, affectionately known as Syed Ali.

With a rich background spanning over two decades in the Information Technology field, Syed brings a wealth of experience and insights to our discussion. Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Syed’s journey in technology leadership began early, fueled by his passion for innovation and community impact. He has spent significant time in management roles, collaborating with exceptional teams throughout his career. Currently, Syed is a pivotal part of Legacy Community Health, the largest non-profit organization in Texas and the 7th largest nationwide. Join us as we explore Syed’s insights on technology leadership, community impact, and the transformative power of technology in enriching lives and organizations. Stay tuned for an engaging and enlightening conversation ahead!

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