Mantra of Product Management

Podcast Description Product is the most integral element of any tech company and so is Product Management. Our podcast titled, ‘Mantra of Product Management’ reflects upon how to efficiently play the role of a product manager. As product managers, you should lay more emphasis on acquiring customers and building seamless communication channels between all parties involved. Instead of focussing on a Minimum Viable Product, the focus should be more on creating a minimum delightful product that delights your users.

About Speaker –
Gaurav Hardikar, Head of Consumer Product at HomeLight

Gaurav helps define the next-gen buyer/seller journey. A true product enthusiast, he always wanted to be in technology and prides himself on how he partners with Business Development, Sales, and Marketing to drive value and GTM opportunities. He is also a Featured Speaker at Product School, Mentor at Alchemist Accelerator, and Founding Member of the Executive Council Network (ECN).

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