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Move And Improve

Express Over Espresso

Episode 3


27 minutes

Listen to an intriguing chat between Zahid Sheikh and Akash Ganapathi, Head of Solutions Architecture at JupiterOne. In this series, Akash shares his unorthodox entrepreneurial journey from launching his own startup to playing an instrumental role in JupiterOne’s growth.

Podcast Description – B2B or B2C? A debatable discussion. The podcast reflects on why a B2B is more profitable if you have a strong team, a strong concept, and a strong customer base. There was a time when everyone wanted to build a social media company, but today the business dynamics have changed, now everyone is moving towards a more secure business operation, a kind of business software as a service.

About Speaker – Akash Ganapathi, Head of Solutions Architecture at JupiterOne

Hailing from a data modeling and software architecture background, Akash possesses a wide range of skills in cloud architecture and data modeling. He has owned many roles, from being a startup CEO to guiding the product roadmap and so on, and also operated his own startup prior to joining JupiterOne.

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