Product over Process

Podcast Description – Ever imagined what it takes to develop a product, the numerous steps, and planning that goes into it, and then the usability testing and validation that is much needed after the product is released. Not really. Listen to our podcast ‘Product over Process’, where our speaker shares the nuances of developing a product, from envisaging a product design to strategizing, developing, marketing, and finally taking the feedback from the end-users and making changes to make it a stellar one.

About Speaker –
Elise Carmichael, the VP of products at Functionize

Elise has over twenty years of experience in the healthcare, trucking and logistics, online bidding, and construction management industries. Prior to joining Functionize, Elise ran product strategy at Tricentis and QASymphony. Her background as a developer and tester has led her into product roles, where she helps create innovative products, filling a significant gap in the testing space. She studied Computer Science at UNC-Chapel Hill and has a passion for music and tennis.

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