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Salesforce for Nonprofits

Podcast Description In this episode, we are thrilled to be joined by the brilliant and inspiring Skye Tyler as our guest. We start off by asking her the reason behind her unique social media handle – Skyeforce. She shares her personal story of going from a career counselor for army men to joining the Salesforce ecosystem. She emphasizes the importance of finding something that brings meaning to your life and how this led her to work with Salesforce for Nonprofits. She also delves into the challenges she faced as a Salesforce consultant and how she overcame them. And, if you’re a non-profit looking to partner with a Salesforce consultant, you won’t want to miss Skye’s invaluable advice on what to look for. Tune in to this episode of Express Over Espresso to hear from Skye Tyler and learn how you too can make a difference in the world of non-profit organizations!

About Speaker – Skye is a Salesforce Consultant for nonprofit organizations. She is passionate about the role that nonprofits play in our society and believes that they should have access to the best technology to better meet their missions. She has been implementing and improving Salesforce instances since 2015 and loves how versatile and extendable the platform is. Skye has a Masters of Science in Education specializing in Training and Performance Improvement and a Bachelors in Theatre.

Combining excellent communication skills and analytical thinking, she works with clients to uncover root issues and design elegant and efficient solutions. As a prior military spouse, Skye is deeply connected to the military community. She volunteers with Salesforce Military (formerly Vetforce) and Merivis to mentor veterans and military spouses seeking careers in Salesforce. When she’s not working, Skye spends her time hiking, kayaking, and creating art in North Carolina.

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