Sharing Smiles and Learning with Chuck Tomasi – a ServiceNow expert

Podcast Description In this episode, we had the pleasure of conversing with our absolutely charming guest, Mr. Chuck Tomasi. He starts off with how he first became a part of ServiceNow. He then goes on to share the cheeky history behind his trademark bow-tie. He elaborates on what makes ServiceNow stand out from the competitors and how it makes work easier and faster. He advises the freshers in the industry to stay curious and start by working on personal projects. His philosophy on “managing priorities” instead of “managing time” is a food for thought, to say the least. He also shared how his video series “Learn Java Script on the Now Platform” came about. This is a podcast you truly cannot afford to miss!

About Speaker – Chuck Tomasi is a Sr. Developer Advocate at ServiceNow. He has been a part of ServiceNow for more than 12 years. His experience includes global team management and program rollout. He has led many small to medium scale projects. 40 years of experience in the IT industry has given him the skills to leverage industry best practices, create lean processes, and provide his customers with the best service and solutions possible. Also, 17 years of experience in new media, and two published books, enabled him to create professional print, audio, or video productions to maximize technology/process adoption and effectiveness.

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