The societal changes that AI is bringing about

Podcast Description In the podcast titled ‘The societal changes that AI is bringing about, our guest Anthony Mills shares his experience around AI that he has gathered throughout his life. As per him, AI is able to create deep fakes and people are a little bit shocked by what AI can do. Also, people are being exposed to and becoming aware of AI’s ability to do very human-like things, something very creative.

It’s a kind of the opposite, whereas the deep fakes might shock us, the creative aspect of it, captures our imagination.

About Speaker –
Anthony Mills is the Founder & CEO of Legacy Innovation Group.

Anthony is the Founder & CEO of Legacy Innovation Group – world-leading strategic innovation consulting firm helping organizations tackle their biggest and most pressing growth challenges. He is also the Executive Director of Global Innovation Institute – the world’s leading professional certification, and membership organization in the field of innovation. He has spoken at numerous strategy, innovation, insights, and HR conferences all over the world and authored or co-authored books like 60 Leaders on Artificial Intelligence, and 60 Leaders on Innovation.

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