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Unleashing design leadership chronicle for business growth

Fail Faster

Episode 419


25 minutes

Joie Chung is a seasoned product design leader based in Austin, TX.

With over 17 years in the design industry, she has gained a deep understanding of what makes great user experiences, and how strategic design can drive business growth. Passionate about cultivating the next generation of design talent, Joie is deeply committed to creating environments that foster growth, mentoring future leaders, and enabling her teams to deliver their best work. She has led top-performing teams in both agency and in-house settings, working with a broad spectrum of companies across various industries. Joie approaches design and leadership with empathy, creativity, and a growth mindset. She thrives on collaboration, always seeking to create impactful change and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Currently, she is a Senior Director of Product Design at Realtor.com, leading a team building professional tools to facilitate better home buying and selling journeys for everyone.

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