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Unlocking Sustainability

Express Over Espresso

Episode 4


31 minutes

In this series, Tom candidly shares fascinating experiences in the farming and agrotech industry, how his organization is breaking the ground and excavating crucial unconventional innovations for the commodities and agriculture sectors.

Podcast Description –  “Our ability to ship something to the public had more to do with our ability to get support internally from our team”.

The podcast titled ‘Unlocking Opportunities’ speaks about the role of technology in agriculture, food production space, and how technology can augment the human side of farming which is otherwise incredibly challenging. Additionally, it speaks about the future security of food, its impact on consumer health, and the impact of improvement in food quality on pharma communities. Sustainable farming practices are going to be the next big revolution in farming and if addressed properly, it is going to influence the food supply chain, in a big way. The podcast also throws light on the importance of incentivizing farmers to change their farming practices through behavior change and education. Since the speaker is a UX practitioner, the podcast also covers the importance of design, which is a commonly missing skill from people’s tools, and making mistakes and learning from them to ace design.

About Speaker –

Tom Greever, Senior Director of Product Design at Indigo

Tom is an experienced product and design leader with a successful track record of leading product and UX design teams. From strategy to delivery, he has been a champion of product design and organizational design practices. Besides being a UX designer, he is also a systems & process thinker, aligner of stakeholders, super-nice manager, leader of leaders, visionary communicator, and culture creator. He is mostly known for his book ‘Articulating Design Decisions’, as well as for speaking at design conferences and leading workshops. He has delivered exceptional consulting to teams at Chase, Apple, Walmart, Porsche, Levis, Wells Fargo, Lowe’s, and more.

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