Women in Technology

Podcast Description – In the podcast titled ‘Women in technology’, our guest Hailey Yoon speaks about her experiences as a women entrepreneur and the challenges she faced along the journey. She says that women try to be perfect at everything, but it is ok to be not perfect. After so many years, she still feels that her voice is not heard by men, that she was interrupted in the middle of the sentence by a fellow male colleague. She advises all women always to hold their ground and speak up for themselves and never allow their voice to drown, especially when challenged by a male counterpart.

About Speaker –
Hailey Yoon, Co-founder & CTO at IO21.

Hailey supports the software development of leading UAE and international companies. Hailey is also awarded as one of the 50 technology leaders in the Middle East by Engati and Google’s Women Tech Founders MENA 2021; her startup IO21 has been selected as 101 top Arab world startups for website development. Hailey holds a Bachelor of Science – Honors Degree in Computer Science from UNC-Chapel Hill was awarded the Leadership & Innovation for Technology Professionals Program at MIT and completed postgraduate in Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University. Outside her work, she is a child sponsor at World Vision.

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