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q[UI]ck Build - Quick UI development for cross-platform apps | Innovation Day 2023


Aashray Motwani

July 24, 2023

Note: q[UI]ck Build is an innovation showcased on Innovation Day 2023, the  annual flagship event of InfoBeans. The event invites the best and brightest minds of the InfoBeans family to showcase their innovative ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and groundbreaking solutions. You can also take a peek at more such innovations

q[UI]ck Build

Ever been given the challenge of creating a hybrid mobile app that needs to hit the market ASAP? How long would that take? 

Let’s break it down and crunch some numbers! Roughly speaking, when we look at the entire process, UI/UX work accounts for 15% of the time, prototyping and approval eat up 35%, and development takes the lion’s share of 50%. Now, if we convert all those percentages into actual days, it adds up to a grand total of 60 days. A solid two months.

Now, picture this: a hybrid app that runs on both Android and iOS, compatible with 12 to 15 screens, and you can have it ready to roll in just 45 days. That too at a fraction of the regular cost. And wait, there’s more. You can slash the prototyping and approval time from a whopping 35% down to a jaw-dropping 3%. And the development time goes from 50% to a mere 25%. 

Infographic showing how much time you can save on prototyping and development with quick build

Want to know how this could be possible?

Introducing q[UI]ck Build, the solution that will transform the way you create user interfaces. With q[UI]ck Build, you can develop stunning mobile app UIs in a fraction of the time and cost, without compromising on quality.

How q[UI]ck Build works

The old-school way of UI development involves receiving Figma files from UX designers and manually coding the UI elements. An incredibly time-consuming process.

However, q[UI]ck Build automates this entire process by reading the design files and rendering them in real-time on mobile apps. This game-changing solution significantly reduces the time taken for UI development, allowing you to launch your apps faster than ever before.

Built on React Native, q[UI]ck Build offers a hybrid solution that caters to both Android and iOS platforms. It seamlessly generates UI solutions for multiple platforms, eliminating the need for separate development efforts. This not only saves time but also reduces the costs associated with developing and maintaining separate codebases.

 Infographic showing the benefits of quick build i.e. quick GTM, cost saving, hybrid app creation, low code less code, and quick POC

Standing out from the crowd: Highlights of q[UI]ck Build

Let’s delve into the highlights of q[UI]ck Build that make it a game-changer in the world of UI development. 

Roadmap: The future possibilities

Looking towards the future, q[UI]ck Build has an exciting roadmap ahead. 

Navigation on multiple screens: As of now, this is a static POC. The team aims to scale up to multiple screens to be able to introduce navigation on multiple screens. Imagine effortlessly building complex UI flows and seamless transitions between screens, all with the power of automation. 

Over the air run time changes: Team q[UI]ck Build aims to allow clients located anywhere in the world to receive real-time updates. This will streamline collaboration and ensure a faster feedback loop throughout the development process.

Final thoughts

q[UI]ck Build is a game-changing solution that accelerates UI development for cross-platform applications. With its automation capabilities, it reduces time-to-market, saves costs, and empowers developers to focus on higher-level functionalities. 

As q[UI]ck Build continues to evolve, it holds the promise of transforming the way we develop UIs and revolutionizing the mobile app development landscape. Your apps will never be the same again, and neither will you!

You can learn more about q[UI]ck Build by reaching out to us or dropping a quick mail at

An initiative by Aashray Motwani, Prafful and Narendra Tambe

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