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Raise your WordPress security to the next level with WordPressVIP


Jeevan Sharma

April 05, 2023

No one wants to be the next breaking news headline for suffering a customer data breach or a catastrophic site collapse.

Threats online today exist in various forms—from bots scanning for known vulnerabilities to script kiddies, cyber gangs, and even nation state actors. 

For beleaguered IT teams, ensuring an online presence isn’t compromised can feel like more than a full-time job, “running just to stand still.” Unfortunately, that often leaves precious little bandwidth for the real task of preparing a site, its infrastructure, and business for its future state.

In this blog, we explore five ways organizations and their IT guardians can battle-harden their sites and applications against malicious attacks, protect sensitive customer data, and keep their business always open for business.

  1. Vulnerability management

Vulnerability management requires on-going identification, classification, prioritization, managing, and remediation of vulnerabilities within your organization’s infrastructure. 

Periodic scanning of your network to monitor for any new vulnerabilities or unintended open access to machines is a must for any organization that wants to minimize their attack surface. Unfortunately, maintaining scanning software, reviewing the scan results, and actioning them often fall down the list of priorities in a busy IT department.

The WordPress VIP answer:

WordPress VIP provides security throughout the network—from edge security to protection of data in transit between components. For example, DDoS protection continuously monitors web traffic and takes active mitigation steps when suspicious activity is detected. Network and host-based firewalls with real-time notification processes are there to prevent unauthorized access attempts.

  1. Network security

Network security is a vital part of an organization’s online presence. 

Best-in-class security means managing both perimeter-based security and internal network security. Here multiple factors must be considered and managed to effectively protect users and their data such as:

Network security

The WordPress VIP answer:

To permit only authorized traffic, WordPress VIP monitors and controls communications at the external boundary of their infrastructure and at key internal boundaries. Automated alerts and continuous logging at every level of the stack help you intervene when needed to keep your site secure. The WordPress VIP data centers also monitor networks of hundreds (even thousands) of sensors used for real-time telemetry, ensuring peak performance from the hardware.

  1. Data protection

No company wants their data leak showing up on “haveibeenpwned” for all the world to see. 

Users lose trust fast with companies that don’t protect their data to the level they expect. Ensuring only authorized, role-specified users can access sensitive customer data requires multiple layers of protection such as:

Data Protection

The WordPress VIP answer:

WordPress VIP maintains separate containerized database infrastructure for every client and application, each with their own unique authentication. This mitigates the risk of unauthorized access between applications and protects each customer’s data and reduces the risk of attack. WordPress VIP provides database, file system, application, and data center security, as well as hourly encrypted backups. And their origin data centers meet the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 27001 certification, Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 18 (SOC1) and SOC2 Type 2.

  1. Access and authentication

According to Telesign, more than half of consumers use five or fewer passwords across their entire online life and almost half of consumers rely on a password that hasn’t been changed for five years. 

Gaining access to a user’s account may be one of the easiest ways to access a secured system. That’s why granular access control, multifactor authentication, and/or single sign-on are so important for security-conscious organizations.

The WordPress VIP answer:

WordPress VIP is built on a foundation of granular access controls and permissions, including multifactor authentication, brute force protection, data access audit trails, and physical security. These provide an extra layer of protection against compromised passwords, prevent unauthorized employees or contractors from accessing customer data, and dynamically apply restrictions at the network level when unnatural behavior is detected. 

  1. Breach recovery

Automated backups and hardware redundancy is vital to the smooth running of your day-to-day online business operations. 

The WordPress VIP answer:

In the unlikely event of a breach, WordPress VIP helps customers quickly recover and get back to business, thanks to multiple levels of backup (origin datacenter and offsite locations), plus disaster recovery and security breach procedures. They also provide the ability to automatically ship your backups to your own S3 storage to ensure you can set your own data retention policies on them or even run automated recovery testing. Utilizing multiple levels of redundant storage, they can reconstruct data in its original or last-replicated state before the moment it was lost. WordPress VIP also has multiple origin data centers that sites can be migrated to in the improbable event of a single data center failure.

In conclusion

From vulnerability management to breach recovery, working WordPress VIP gives organizations the opportunity to leverage years of experience keeping high-profile, high-scale WordPress-based sites online and secure in the face of threats.

Built with multiple levels of security controls and protection—including edge protection, secure networking, robust access controls, continuous security monitoring, and code scanning—WordPress VIP meets the most exacting security requirements. That’s why it’s trusted by customers in high-risk industries such as banking, pharmaceuticals, public utilities, and government. 

Looking to upgrade to a battle-tested, more secure CMS? Contact us to learn more about WordPress VIP. 

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