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ServiceNow San Diego Release- Features and upgrades


Jitin Hirani

April 07, 2022

ServiceNow’s San Diego release is just around the corner – and we can’t wait to tell you about it!


– Next Experience UI, Experience Builder, and Employee Center updates
– Updates in ITSM – rebuilt Survey Model and enhancements to Problems vs. Incidents
– New features in HR including the Anonymous Report Center
– More updates in Procurement, Asset, Strategic Portfolio Management

We all have reached a point where the world is beginning to embrace the new normal – a digital-first era where business and government leaders are putting their best foot forward to refine and optimize plans for a steady digital transformation.

The San Diego release is engineered exactly the same way, enabling businesses and the government to realize their plans. With its upgrades ranging from UX and UI to DevOps Change Velocity and Workspace Service Delivery, San Diego is another giant step by ServiceNow to power intelligent systems and drive process optimization efforts

Next Experience UI

Next Experience delivers a next-generation, intuitive, personalized experience to drive productivity, improve engagement, and surface insights across the Now Platform. The new user interface spans across Now Platform products including HRSD, CSM, ITSM, ITOM, and more.

End-to-End DevOps visibility

The DevOps application collects data across the entire set of lifecycle activities to provide visibility for DevOps teams so they can own the end-to-end process (plan, develop, build, test, deploy, and operate). As a result of this visibility, enterprise governance can be accelerated using DevOps, including automating change decisions. The upgrades in San Diego include enhancements to DevOp’s System Health Dashboard where you can visually track the health, events status, and connectivity status of your instance running DevOps.

Intuitive Asset Management

IT Asset Management has several new features in San Diego, including updates in Cloud Insights, Hardware Asset Management, and Software Asset Management. When it comes to Cloud Insights, new features include:

  • Reservation Plans and Cost-Effective Payment Plans
    Cloud Insights generates reports that enable you to strategically implement reservation plans for both new capacity and for better utilization of existing plans
  • Creating and Monitoring Cloud Budgets
    To manage your cloud spending, you can define and monitor custom budget plans. The information includes to-date and forecasts spending against plan and projected variance from plan for all defined Budget plans. The Budget Overview report is a dashboard that provides consolidated budget spending and variance information for all defined Budget plans over your entire cloud infrastructure.
  • Filter Spend Charts by Category and Service
    In Cloud Insights, provider services are grouped into service categories. This grouping enables you to use filters to focus your analysis on particular types of cloud services, such as Compute or Database. To perform a more targeted analysis, you can filter for particular services within a service category. For example, Amazon ElastiCache or Azure Database for PostgreSQL is services in the Database category

Hardware Asset Management

San Diego’s new features and enhancements for Asset Management focus on bringing cost savings to users, while also providing an intuitive interface to focus more on what’s important. This is seen in the new UI for the HAM workspace, as well as the new seamless, multiple views in the workspace so that you can optimize costs and mitigate compliance risks by using data visibility, notifications, and actionable alerts.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management (formerly IT Business Management) enables you to make the right decisions and leverage digital transformation, to drive customer value faster. With it, you can plan, deliver, and track value across different methodologies.

SPM encompasses additional features, like the Alignment Planner Workspace (APW) application which helps product and portfolio managers to drive organizational alignment amidst the challenges of Agile and product transformations. Additionally, SPM encompasses Project Portfolio Management with a new goal framework to create goals, targets, and evaluate progress as well as Financial Management.

Anonymous Report Centre

Anonymous Report Center (ARC): Housed within the HRSD product suite, employees can submit sensitive complaints or misconduct cases anonymously, through a dedicated portal. Use cases include submitting a complaint without revealing identity, receiving updates on their filed complaint, and communicating confidentially with investigators.

Field Service Management

The Field Service Management application helps your organization manage location-based work more efficiently and safely. San Diego has enhancements across the board, including a new modernized look with Next Experience UI and new dashboards for Planned Maintenance, Field Service Performance Analytics, Contractors, and Dispatchers. Also new in San Diego’s Field Service Management is the ability to support dynamic scheduling for crew management.

ServiceNow San Diego is another exciting step forward in the company’s journey to bring the future of work to businesses. We look forward to working with all our current and future clients to bring the promises of the constantly evolving platform into reality.

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