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Skype 4.1 offers screen sharing


Avinash Sethi

December 19, 2009

I assume everyone in IT industry has been wondering why not all the web conferencing tools like Goto Meeting, WebEx, etc which offer screen sharing, starts providing a complete platform which enables users to communicate effectively using the power of Internet.

It was only till recently that WebEx and GotoMeeting started with audio call using VoIP rather than standard PSTN telephone bridge. This bridge created hindrance for those who are calling from overseas location. VoIP lines do not perform well on such bridges and the ISD lines comes out to be quite costly affair (or so I call costly in mind).

Moreover the quality of audio that is delivered by Skype was unmatched in any other computer-calls-telephone-over-Internet mechanism.

Most of the times we used to discuss why not Skype come up with Screen Sharing feature, it seems like smart minds think alike, they indeed make efforts in that direction by means of Skype Extras.

Only recently I downloaded InnerPass to share screen with other Skype callers.

And now I get the news that Skype 4.1 comes with inbuilt screen sharing and that too for FREE.

A big threat to companies like GotoMeeting and WebEx

because they charge about $49 a month for these meeting tools.

Great work Skype!


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