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Top Trends shaping Digital Transformation in 2022


Vatsala Garg

December 28, 2021

2022 has almost arrived and we are already excited to witness a whole year of technological breakthroughs, connected experiences, hybrid workplaces, and revolutions that will create history. We have brought together top trends in digital transformation that the world will foresee and enterprises will adopt to become future-ready.

Over the past two years, the world has been going through a grueling experience of the pandemic and doing every bit to create the next normal.  Technology such as automation and cloud has played a pivotal role in combating the effects of the pandemic and maintaining business continuity and employee morale. It has also posed an opportunity to engineer a better future and to rethink how we all can move forward together. 

Through the blog, we have put together different ways pioneering enterprises are going to embrace 2022 to create a sustainable future for all the stakeholders. Our blog also speaks about the trends that the world of technology will witness in 2022 and a lot more.

Hyperautomation will take a front seat

Not just in 2022, Hyperautomation is here to stay and will top the charts for at least the entire decade with many new changes and upgrades year on year. It will be the fundamental driving force for the modern digital enterprise that will replace the soul-crushing repetitive tasks freeing humans to focus on more interesting, higher-value problems. 

Organizations leading from the helm have to look at the big picture and decide which processes to automate first, keeping the cost factor under consideration. Additionally, a check on the ROI and shifting the workforce to more productive, dynamic tasks should also be a major focus for the top leaders. Analysts predict the automation market to grow by nearly 24% from 2020 to be nearly $600 billion worth by 2022 — as organizations look to identify and automate as many processes as they can. Per Deloitte, 93% of business leaders expect to be using RPAs by 2023

Security‑by‑default is a must-have 

In 2022, companies that want to adopt digital transformation trends will focus more on developing robust cybersecurity strategies which otherwise has always been a roadblock to digital initiatives. Enterprises will move towards adopting cybersecurity mesh which is a form of architecture that provides a holistic approach to various IT assets such as firewalls and network protection tools and offer security to all digital assets irrespective of their location.

AI for customer experience success 

New technologies, processes, advancements and benefits of AI will continue to witness positive growth in 2022 and beyond. Since the customer-centric approach to commerce have now become the medium of preference, AI has taken the centre stage enabling more sales, better customer experience, and meaningful insights about customers’ behavior to make informed decisions. The insights such as when, how, and why a customer behaves a certain way with a business are causing IT system redesigns. 

A rise in Cloud migrations  

Less costly cloud and multi-cloud migrations will witness new dawn while cloud adoption will also be on the rise. Businesses with a lot of legacy applications will find solutions in cloud technology to help them modernize and re-engineer their processes that include moving their assets to several powerful low-code platforms. Since cloud underpins most of the new technological disruptions and has proven itself during times of uncertainty with its resiliency, scalability, flexibility, and speed; Hybrid, multi-cloud and edge environments are going to be setting the stage for new distributed cloud models.

Besides the above trends, technologies such as Machine learning, Blockchain, AR, and VR will continue to shine in 2022 and will see exponential growth. Also, the culture of hybrid workplaces will continue to exist and with firms opening doors to welcome employees ‘back to work’, and a large chunk still working from their homes, automation, innovative solutions to align communication will propel digital transformation. 

Needless to say, technology, talent, and trust are top priorities for the coming year. 

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in the blog are based on the author’s extensive research presented in his/her own language.

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