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UX Trends:-Check Out What’s New In 2022!


Prachi Chouhan

January 13, 2022

2021 bustled with UX trends such as dark mode, minimalism, website loading speed, and mobile-first. While 2022 is expected to witness similar trends with minor variations, there will be several others that will top the charts. What’s surprising is that User Experience (UX) or Customer Experience (CX), as it’s now commonly known, predicts annual trends but remains one of the most important aspects of any web application and design!

Let us look at what UX holds for the year 2022!

The pandemic has significantly demonstrated that, for a brand to be successful, it needs to deliver multiple touch-points, preferably contactless with the customer both in product and service space. The more the touch-points, the more is the possibility of offering a seamless, frictionless, and enjoyable experience. UX becomes vital as customers expect an experience that they will cherish every time they interact with the brand, be it using a web application or online shopping. In recent years, innovative technologies such as VR and voice command have matured and picked the interest of consumers. But there are several others that will provide forward-thinking organizations tremendous value for brand growth, retention, and prosperity in 2022.

Voice-Driven Commerce

Voice-enabled technology has become commonplace in smart speakers and TVs, wearables, smartphones, and other emerging devices. As a result, consumers are increasingly comfortable with using voice technology for complex transactions, such as product research, shopping, and purchasing. In 2022, brands must incorporate this technology as part of their UX strategy to create memorable shopping experiences and improve customer engagement and loyalty.

Three-dimensional (3D) models

The new trend shaping UX in 2022 is 3D models that have gradually become the cornerstone of the entertainment and gaming industry besides gaining traction as creative user experience tools. The reason behind the propelling 3D use advances in mobile technology, and consumer shopping trends where it is used to highlight a product, a space, or an event. Additionally, 5G internet bandwidth has played the role of a catalyst for utilizing 3D in websites and apps. A 3D model provides stronger conversion rates for businesses, richer, more immersive experiences for users, greater engagement between the company and their consumers, and impact product visualization and configuration.

Virtual Reality

VR will be a game-changer in user experience in 2022. What differentiates VR from AR is that VR fully immerses the user into a 3D interactive environment. Gone are the days when only a 2-Dimensional design fulfills the need. Today, a consumer wants to experience the complete designs that too from the comfort of his home, and there is no better way to fulfill the need than a VR. Industries such as healthcare are already using it to train for surgical procedures and physical therapy.

Storytelling with UX

Not a new concept anymore, but still will be a top trend in 2022 because users evaluate brands primarily on emotions rather than information. Hence, storytelling will foresee a positive growth in UX. Since storytelling is a powerful and effective way to generate positive emotions towards a brand, it will result in consumer loyalty and increased trust.

Animate the Inanimate

Animation is an important web design trend for 2022, without which your product will look bland and tasteless. It will offer a new identity to your brand – the animated identity. A combination of stop-motion, 3D, 2D, and 3D mixes will be trending for an unusual stylistic solution as well as to improve the quality of the final product. You will be using more and more animation on websites and mobile applications for remarkable user immersion and to make content more interesting, and fun.

There will be numerous other trends, some in reality and others on speculation. What matters is how you embrace a new trend and utilize it to your business objectives.

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