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Why do SDO members need simplified committee management?


Nikhil Rai Kanungo

July 04, 2024

The success of the standards development lifecycle depends on the streamlined interaction between staff members and members. As we know, the internal staff members are primarily assigned administrative tasks, including workgroup management. However, the success of this work hinges on efficient committee management. 

Traditionally, SDOs rely on paper-driven processes, email chains, and spreadsheets. This leads to many challenges. Staff get bogged down trying to keep track of data across various channels. Engaging diverse members across time zones is a juggling act, and communication suffers with information scattered across emails and documents. Limited resources and manual processes further slow down the entire standards development lifecycle.

Most common issues faced by SDO staff members

However, with digital advancements and constant pressure from member organizations, many SDOs search for a convenient digital solution to help their staff members. If we look at these issues closely, we will find that a digital committee and membership management system can help the staff members address these issues.

The power of simplified committee management

A simplified committee management dashboard can be a game-changer for SDOs. It streamlines workflows by task tracking, centralizing information, and expediting the entire standards development process. This newfound efficiency translates to enhanced visibility. With a 360-degree view of committee performance, member engagement, and ballot results, proactive management becomes a reality. 

Improved communication is another key benefit. Seamless collaboration between SDO staff and committee members is facilitated, fostering a productive environment. Finally, member engagement receives a welcome boost. Personalized dashboards and timely notifications enhance the member experience, leading to higher participation and a more effective standards development process.

Our in-house solution for SDOs, Stanza, is a comprehensive committee management solution designed to simplify your SDO operations. It offers benefits like:

  • Centralized member management: Stanza keeps all your member information in one place. This makes it easy to manage member information, track participation, and send targeted communications.
  • Automated reminders: Forget worrying about forgotten tasks, ballots, or meetings. Stanza automatically sends reminders to everyone involved, keeping your committees on track.
  • Intuitive 360-view dashboard: With Stanza’s easy-to-use dashboard, you can see member activity, committee performance, ballot results and more all in one place. So, no more digging through emails or spreadsheets
  • Streamlined balloting: Manage complex ballot creation, voting processes, and reporting with ease.
  • Improved onboarding: Onboard new members quickly and seamlessly with a user-friendly interface.

It’s not just staff, having a simplified dashboard like Stanza benefits committee members as well. They can stay on top of tasks, meetings, and ballots with a personalized dashboard. Track their individual and committee performance with clear metrics. They can easily access relevant information and participate actively in standards development.

Final thoughts

SDOs can no longer afford to rely on traditional approaches in today’s digital world and have to make it simpler. They must also meet the global standards of member organizations and expedite and simplify standards publishing. By adopting a solution like Stanza, the SDOs are on the right digital path. The goal is to improve the standard creation and distribution process by covering every aspect of the standards development lifecycle.

Are you ready to take your SDO to the next level with Stanza?

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