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10 Reasons Why Your Organization Need ServiceNow!


Tarulata Champawat

October 23, 2019

ServiceNow is one of the fastest-growing software companies of all time and has capitalized well in the ITSM field. ServiceNow is rockstar in the service management world, it seems to be an ever-growing concept. From mapping delivery to orchestration, it is a boon for the information technology industry, which is continuously working towards optimizing processes. Without further ado, let’s throw light on how ServiceNow leaves us with no reason to overlook it!

  1. ServiceNow offers packaged solution that is out-of-the-box but which can be tailored as per client’s requirements. Large enterprises (Fortune 500 companies) love it for its unique combination of security and flexibility (for third-party integrations), unlike any other.
  2. Single System of Record, eliminates duplicates and in turn saves time and efforts. It is a secret recipe that grants ServiceNow exclusivity, to consolidate the IT and business applications, services, and other resources which are worth keeping, migrate those worth updating and retire the rest.
  3. ServiceNow has multi-instance architecture, which helps efficient task management. Under this, a unique instance is created for each team member, maintaining a separate resource stack to deal with each user’s specific needs.
  4. ConnectChat, A quick chat feature where even incident files can be shared, enabling technicians to look up the incident records and service the request. The feature of Visual task boards also facilitates assignment of tasks to different departments with just a drag-and-drop gesture.
  5. Workflows, helps for easy task progress tracking and also automating them on a day-to-day level.
  6. Business App Development with the simple drag-and-drop feature, without writing a single line of code, thus improving the delivery time. One has the option to choose from reusable components, workflows and link barriers across departments, using information from the cloud.
  7. ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) uses Service Mapping to find the root cause of customer issues, thereby reducing the case(tickets) volume in the long run. It provides cross-functional (engineering, field services, legal, etc.) information to discover the initial point where the error was first noticed.
  8. Easy to use & Fast. It streamlines the delivery of services by providing a service model that defines, structures and automates the flow of work. ServiceNow requires a relatively low amount of configuration required to get up and running in an enterprise.
    It provides a solid platform from where one can work on the rules and build the forms quickly. Its open architecture is another big help, to just plug-and-play.
  9. No infrastructure is required. It is a cloud-based platform which means you don’t have to invest extra to maintain servers. These all are tremendous benefits to implementing ServiceNow in almost any enterprise organization today.
  10. Now platform is powerful. Not only is it ubiquitous, but also robust. From analyzing critical metrics to providing an intuitive service experience to assuring service availability, ServiceNow is powerful in a lot of aspects of its design. It being cloud-based keeps it free from local resources, helping to scale across multiple networks.

These all are immense benefits to implement ServiceNow in almost any organization today. ServiceNow is customizable and scalable to meet the Organization’s current and future business needs. Gartner has rewarded ServiceNow as a leader in its Gartner Magic Quadrant, a leader, for the fifth time in a row!

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