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10 Things to Look Forward to in Dreamforce 2015


Nupur Singh

August 06, 2015

It’s that time of the year again, those 4 magical days when we forget the rest of the world and immerse ourselves in all things Salesforce! Yes, I am talking about Dreamforce! Dreamforce 2015 is round the corner (September 15-18, 2015) and it is bigger and better than ever before! Here’s a list of 10 most awesome things to look forward to this Dreamforce.

1. Information…Information…Information

Aligned to the mantra of ‘Inspiration…Imagination…Innovation…’ what better place to get the best and the most updated information on Salesforce than the Holy Grail itself? Dreamforce presents the best opportunity to learn and explore the new Salesforce-related tech. Not only do you get a chance to interact with the best and learn from their opportunities, you also get to know of a lot of tips to drive end user adoption. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

2. In-depth Hands-on Training

Salesforce has always believed in hands-on training and previous Dreamforce sessions have been a witness to that. This year, Salesforce is providing more hands-on workshops, mini hacks and much more than previous years. World’s top Salesforce developers will be conducting these exclusive sessions and you can get yourself certified at highly discounted rates, so do not miss out on your once-in-a-lifetime chance!

3. Experience Trailhead

Trailhead is one-in-a-million experience for Salesforce professionals. Project Trailhead is designed to offer a guided learning experience albeit in a gamified manner. Trails are nothing but the path that you want to choose to learn Salesforce platform, which could be Salesforce Administration covering Point and Click to Salesforce Developer Path which includes Apex and Visualforce. This Dreamforce, Salesforce is gamifying the entire DevZone learning experience with Trailhead and making the learning process all the more fun. Trust me on this folks, learning and grooming your skills on this platform is not something you want to miss!

4. Women’s Leadership Track

Hear it from the horse’s mouth! Engage and converse with the likes of Jessica Alba, Susan Wojcicki, Mary Molony and others and find out more about their journey to leadership, experience and the challenges they overcame. Get inspired like never before!

5. Amazing Keynote Sessions

If Marc Benioff’s custom-made Dreamforce shoes weren’t enough to bring you to Dreamforce, the keynote sessions certainly will! Over the years, a handful of eminent personalities have delivered keynotes in Dreamforce and it gets bigger and better this year! This year’s keynote sessions include those from Satya Nadella, Chuck Robbins, Hikmet Ersek, George Colony, Jessica Alba, Susan Wojcicki, to name a few, besides the much-awaited one from the man Marc Benioff himself. So make sure you reserve a spot to your favorite speaker’s keynote and get all set to let their experience and vision bring new insights to the future that awaits you.

6. The ‘1-1-1’ Model

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that philanthropy is the soul of Salesforce. The organization has been following 1-1-1 model which is based on the philosophy of devoting 1% of company’s product, equity and time to improve communities around the globe. The spirit of giving is exponentially increased during the Dreamforce where there are enough opportunities to give back to the society. So get your philanthropic self out of the bag and learn of newer ways to help the communities globally, Salesforce or otherwise.

7. The Nonprofit Track

Salesforce has always been a great deal about empowering the nonprofits to become connected and manage their fundraising and event management seamlessly. This year, hear it from the stalwarts like Goldie Hawn and Jessica Alba about how they go about their marketing and communication and engaging with the community.

8. The Higher-Education Track

If you are passionate about Higher-Ed, Dreamforce’15 is the place to be! This year’s sessions include key insights and expert tips on becoming a connected campus, hands-on sessions and expert advice on Marketing & communication and dedicated sessions on Community Engagement, to name a few. Know more about Student Success and Advancement from industry experts and be at the top of your game!

9. Truck Loads of Fun…

Dreamforce is all about mixing knowledge with fun! This year, it’s bigger than ever before, with the Dreamboat! Now you can book accommodation on the stunning cruise that will be docked at Pier 27 throughout Dreamforce! (Keep looking out for last-minute cancellations). Then there is the Dream Park! Your search for a memorable Dreamforce ends right there, and if that weren’t enough, let Dave Grohl and his team at Foo Fighters remind you what’s it like to rock out!

10. Networking…more networking…

At the core of it, Dreamforce is about networking…and then some more networking. There is no better place to showcase your products and solutions, to some of the best and the elite in the Salesforce world. In a nutshell, Dreamforce is your opportunity to establish your brand and drive demand for your offerings.

No matter what you choose to do, you are guaranteed awesomeness every minute that you spend at Dreamforce. So make sure you see all that there is to see and have the time of your life! As it is rightly said, if you love the Salesforce swag, Dreamforce is the place to be!

For more information, you can also refer to http://www.salesforce.com/dreamforce/DF15/.

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