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4 Reasons Why AppExchange is More Powerful than ever Before!


Purushottam Bhaigade

October 31, 2017

Salesforce AppExchange, the #1 cloud marketplace, is a proven ecosystem of apps with millions of installs and thousands of customer reviews to help you find the best match for your business. As of 24th Oct 2017, Salesforce went for a complete revamp of the AppExchange UI. What this essentially means is that while AppExchange just a Marketplace for Applications earlier, which then went on to list Components too, it now lists Lightning Data and Lightning Bolt as well!

1. Salesforce Welcomes New members to the AppExchange Family

Salesforce has added 2 new members to the AppExchange family: Lightning Data and Lightning BoltLightning Data gives access to specialized data set which customers can buy, leading to a definite boost for their Sales and Marketing teams with pre-integrated, approved and scalable data solutions.

Lightning Bolt Solutions allow Partners to publish pre-built templates which can be used by customers to create next-gen communities and portals.

2. Everything is just 2 clicks Away!

The Salesforce UX team has worked really hard to make customers’ life easy. Earlier, users needed to click a minimum of 3-4 clicks for getting information about the App provider. Now, everything is just 2 clicks away, with  all the required information about the Application and App vendor available on a single tab, with reviews moved to a separate tab.

3. A Smarter Search

In another good example of UX, AppExchange now saves your recent search items to make it available for later use, helping the customers who may have searched for a lot of applications.

4. Salesforce’s other Marketplaces are also under same umbrella

Earlier, Salesforce had different Marketplaces for Heroku elements, Marketing Cloud apps and so on. With the recent revamp, you can find other apps like Heroku elements, HubExchange (Marketplace for Marketing cloud applications), Link Marketplace (Marketplace for eCommerce Solutions) on the same integrated platform called AppExchange.

Salesforce has taken cognizance of all customer pain points and turned AppExchange into an all-encompassing, powerful and customer-oriented Marketplace. A detailed description of all new AppExchange features can be found here.

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