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6 Awesome Features of ServiceNow Apps


Jitin Hirani

August 10, 2017

The smartphone has established its dominance and the enterprise of today is no longer a stranger to this phenomenon. As mobility establishes itself as a reality in the enterprise ecosystem, businesses have to focus on creating applications that can meet specific business demands, can sustain continuous operation, provide interoperability and scalability. The applications also need to optimally function in a multi-device and distributed environment while meeting stringent security, administrative and maintenance demands. The need for agility, discovering new business models and improving costs by increasing productivity are driving organizations across the globe to adopt enterprise grade applications to become the critical enabler of these demands.

According to a research published by MarketsandMarkets, the enterprise mobility market is estimated to grow from USD 35.10 Billion in 2016 to USD 73.30 Billion by 2021. Clearly, the enterprise has taken to enterprise apps like a fish to water.

ServiceNow, the SaaS IT Service Management company, has taken a step in that direction by launching the ServiceNow app store and giving organizations the flexibility to access hundreds of ready-to-use ServiceNow applications that have been developed by ServiceNow partners. These applications are thoroughly vetted, have a stable architecture and pass the security and compliance checklist. Organizations can access these enterprise-grade applications across a variety of categories, departments, and industries from the store. These applications are device agnostic and provide a consumer-grade experience which ultimately helps in driving productivity. Furthermore, while some of these applications are free and those which are not can be easily acquired using a credit card or by requesting a purchase order. For some specific business demands, organizations leveraging the ServiceNow can also develop their own custom apps.

Features of ServiceNow Apps

ServiceNow cloud-based platform has revolutionized the way enterprises deliver and manage services and get work done across various departments. It boasts of over 3,600 customers in over 50 countries. For certain business needs, enterprises build apps for their ServiceNow installation to perform some specific, repeated tasks. Earlier, organizations used to build those apps themselves. With the recently launched ServiceNow Store, over 250 readymade apps are available for the enterprises to use.

Here is a look at why ServiceNow apps are becoming popular in enterprises across the world:

Custom Apps at Light Speed

Using the Now platform offered by ServiceNow, enterprises can build custom applications and deliver real-time business innovation. These applications are scalable, extensible, secure and maintainable and can be built using standard languages such as JavaScript, HTML5, and Angular. The use of these popular languages ensures that application developers do not have to focus on learning a new language and can focus solely on application development.

Increased Organizational Efficiency

ServiceNow applications have a single data source which reduces the overheads of maintaining multiple data sources and also gives organizations the flexibility to create applications that can easily integrate process workflows and foster collaboration – all these things help in increasing the organizational efficiency. Since the Now platform provides a ready repository of pre-built templates and integrations, development time is accelerated which in turn reduces the costs and boosts ROI.

Given the availability of third-party apps on the ServiceNow Store, apart from building their own apps, organizations can also leverage apps from the store for free or through a flexible subscription model and achieve faster time-to-value.

Certified App Performance

All the ServiceNow apps that are hosted on the ServiceNow Store have to go through a thorough vetting process to ensure that they are enterprise ready. These apps are performance oriented, provide backward compatibility with more than one version of the platform, have the capability to easily integrate with third-party systems and have a common user-interface which takes away the pain of switching between applications. These apps are easy to install and maintain as they have been developed to respond to virtually any possible business need.

Customizable User Experiences

ServiceNow applications offer easy to customize user interfaces that can be accessed from any device. The application users can make requests via the service catalogs, discover information in common knowledge bases and also get action notifications or information regarding important items. Because of the third-party integration capabilities, it also becomes easier for organizations to create a consistent user interface across the application.

Easy Automation Meets Great Reporting

Given the increasing need for automation owing to the rise of the digital enterprise, ServiceNow apps give organizations the capability to easily automate business processes across people, data, systems, and workflows. These apps also have robust reporting and analytics that help businesses gain data-driven, real-time insights using intelligent dashboards. These insights help in improving the quality of decision making and pave the way for continuous improvement across business processes.

Great Development Support

ServiceNow also provides a great support infrastructure for those who want to develop custom applications using the Now platform. Developers can get access to the free developer instance that allows them to create and test their applications and integrations. Developers also get access to the exhaustive ServiceNow library that contains over 1200 tutorials, documentation, and APIs. They can also reach out to the thriving ServiceNow developer community to address queries and for skills and knowledge development.

Fred Luddy, the founder of ServiceNow said, “The value of technology is equivalent to the number of people that can take advantage of it.” ServiceNow apps is a strong move in that direction and arms the enterprise with the right set of tools and resources to enable business users to address the business demands promptly. Is it really a wonder then, that ServiceNow apps have become an enterprise favorite?

At InfoBeans, our ServiceNow certified experts have helped several businesses with their ServiceNow implementations and development of custom apps. InfoBeans also has its own apps on the ServiceNow Store.

If you have any ServiceNow app idea in mind, speak to our ServiceNow experts for free!

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