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9 latest updates in Gen AI: What's new and what's coming next


Deepesh Bhatia

November 03, 2023

As we reach the end of 2023, we wonder how well-informed we are about the latest developments in the world of Gen AI?

Are you struggling to differentiate the most pertinent news among the hundreds of Gen AI updates flooding the scene? Fret not, because we’ve got you covered!

Here are the nine most exciting Gen AI updates that are bound to blow your mind. From 3D magic to photo editing wizards and language models that speak medicine, it’s a rollercoaster of innovation and creativity!

Latest updates in Gen AI

#1 3D-GPT: Bringing text to life

Credit: arxiv.org

Imagine this: you type a description of an object, and voila, an AI system brings it to life in 3D! Researchers from the Australian National University, the University of Oxford, and the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence have made this a reality with “3D-GPT” that can generate 3D models simply from text-based descriptions provided by a user. Now the (3D) world is truly at your fingertips!

#2 Imagen: An AI-powered photo editor

Credit: Imagen.ai

Tired of spending hours tweaking your photos over and over again? Enter Imagen! This AI-powered photo editing solution for Lightroom Classic analyzes your previous photo edits to create your personal AI profile. You can then apply the profile to your Lightroom Classic catalog at less than 1/2 second per photo. The AI profile will know exactly what to adjust, whether it’s white balance, exposure, color correction, or more. Half an hour of work reduced to 1/2 a second – not a bad deal, eh?

Google’s Gen AI Universe

#3 PaLM 2 by Google: Supercharging language models

Google Gen AI PaLm 2 logo
Credit: Google AI

The king of the internet is not far behind in the AI race. Google has introduced PaLM 2, a powerful language model that’s here to level up AI’s capabilities. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for AI with multilingual skills, improved reasoning, and coding abilities. Google also unveiled Med-PaLM 2, a version of PaLM 2 tailored for the medical domain. It’s intended to provide more accurate and safe answers to medical questions.

#4 Google’s language learning in search: Making English easier!

Google search AI prompts for English learning
Credit: Google/ZDNET

The tech giant’s next plan is to make learning English a breeze with its interactive feature within Google Search. Users can translate to or from English in Google Search, and Search will provide them with prompts, short practice sessions, and personalized feedback. For now, the language learning feature is only available in English in select countries. Google says it will expand the feature to more countries and languages in the future.

#5 Google Maps’ immersive view: The future of navigation

Google Map's Gen AI generated 3D immersive navigation view
Credit: Google

Staying on the topic of Google, Google Maps is taking navigation up a notch with “Immersive View.” This AI-powered feature turns flat images into 3D wonders, making landmarks and buildings pop off your screen. Like a pop-up book for adults! The 3D view is rolling out for navigation and should be available to users soon. 

The Gen AI revolution by Nvidia

#6 Nvidia’s GH200: A game-changer in AI chips

Nvidia President and CEO Jensen Huang
Nvidia President and CEO Jensen Huang speaks at the COMPUTEX forum in Taiwan
Credit: Sopa Images | Lightrocket | Getty Images

Moving on to Nvidia, the big shot in AI chips is taking it to the next level with the GH200. It’s got a high-end GPU paired with heaps of memory and a snappy processor. In simpler terms, it’s like getting a souped-up engine for your AI projects, and it’s designed to make AI more accessible and affordable.

We’re giving this processor a boost. This processor is designed for the scale-out of the world’s data centers.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

#7 Nvidia and Foxconn’s AI Factories: The Future of AI

Nvidia chief executive Jensen Huang and Foxconn chairman Young Liu making AI factory announcement
Nvidia chief executive Jensen Huang and Foxconn chairman Young Liu made the announcement together in Taipei 
Credit: Getty Images

In more exciting news, Nvidia and Foxconn are teaming up to create “AI factories,” a game-changer in manufacturing. These data centers will use Nvidia chips for everything from training autonomous vehicles to robotics platforms and large language models. Think of it as the factory of the future, where intelligence is the product! 

Salesforce and Microsoft

#8 Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot: Your smart assistant

Salesforce Einstein Mascot
Credit: Salesforce

Ever wish you had a genius sidekick for your business tasks? Well, it seems like the people over at Salesforce heard your wish and made it come true! In September, Salesforce introduced Einstein Copilot, an AI assistant that can do it all. It can summarize video calls, answer customer queries, and even whip up emails for marketing campaigns. Users will be able to embed the assistant into their websites or integrate it with messaging platforms such as Slack and Meta Platform’s WhatsApp. Amazing, isn’t it?

The power of Studio (Einstein Copilot) is that it’s the place where all the components are accessible from across the Salesforce platforms, which is a major part of simplifying prompts and skill creation for admins that address real-world use cases specific to organizational needs.

Brent Leary, founder and principal analyst at CRM Essentials

#9 Microsoft’s AI copyright defense: Protecting your work

Microsot office
Credit: Microsoft

And now, last but certainly not least, comes the tech giant – Microsoft. This one’s really interesting. Have you found yourself worrying about copyright issues with AI-generated content? Well, Microsoft’s got your back. In a recent announcement, Microsoft claimed that it’s willing to pay legal damages on behalf of customers using its AI products if they are sued for copyright infringement for the output generated by such systems. Now, that’s called bringing in the big guns!

Final thoughts

So there you have it – the latest and greatest updates in the world of generative AI! But wait, there’s more excitement brewing on the horizon. GenAI is not going anywhere anytime soon. We can look forward to even more innovations and game-changing developments. With the way Gen AI is progressing, the future is going to be a wild ride! And just like you, we’re all strapped in for this roller coaster. 

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