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Agile Testing @ InfoBeans


Ashish Jain

July 18, 2014

Requirements are never complete and there are always ambiguities to deal with it. The worst case is when the software meets its specifications but doesn’t meet the user needs.

Wouldn’t it be better to build smaller parts of the system, have the business work with the developers and testers, to confirm what’s being built is indeed what they need?

Why Not!!

Let’s build the system in small increments, increasing the systems functionality in each release, and potentially deliver a working system at the end of each increment that actually meets the end user needs.

Lets Transform the Vague into Sheer

Lets Go Agile

InfoBeans introduced Agile methodology to bring quality perfection and process agility. Testing from the beginning of the project and maintaining quality throughout the project life-cycle, is the foundation on which InfoBeans Agile testing team works.

So, testing becomes an essential component of each phase of the project life-cycle, with quality being “Soaked in” to a product at every stage of its development, by capturing continuous feedback from all the stakeholders involved.

InfoBeans Agile framework benefits the stakeholders by leveraging-

We at InfoBeans, never compromise with the quality but are always ready to accept and embrace the changes.

The pro-activeness and the willingness to collaborate with the clients and programmers throughout the life-cycle; with the passion to improve the quality is indeed the cherry on the cake, the WOW factor at InfoBeans.

By adopting the Agile methodology, we ensure to deliver the best business values in the market and help our clients to gain the true benefits by becoming a partner with InfoBeans.

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