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Has Apple nailed it with the Apple Watch?


Siddharth Sethi

September 10, 2014

It does seem so but I still I have my reservations.

So far it seems the best attempt in the category. I had my reservations regarding a wearable watch. The Apple watch, short of blowing me away, did impress me. It is technologically far superior than anything out there.

One thing that will definitely work in Apple’s favor are the variations available. Apple was used to very low SKUs. There weren’t many variations of the things they sold. With the launch of the two new iPhones and the watch and all the versions and collections, Apple has done the right thing by not adhering to the one size fits all category. They have smartly positioned themselves to all iPhone users as a middle range watch – better than the swatches and low functioning citizens and seikos. And they are not touching the rolexes and omegas of the world.

It will surely appeal to those who had shunned watches altogether in the past few years since the advent of the mobile phone.

There is one nagging feeling. I have to say that unlike phones, ubiquity of the Apple Watch will dilute its fashion appeal. I mean, every wrist carrying some variation of the same watch – it just does not seem unique.

Time will tell.

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