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Apple releases new MacBook PRO


Siddharth Sethi

October 14, 2008

Was not too interested in the Apple MacBook PRO release but the coverage is so overwhelming, that I was sucked into the frenzy and saw a few blog posts. Those links ultimately took me to the apple home page that had a link to a video regarding the new features of the laptop.

Apple does a great job of marketing these things, however, this time I am disappointed.

My grudge is against the way Apple is touting the unibody aluminium case. I saw their video and the amount of footage that is devoted to that piece of engineering from a consumer’s standpoint is just way too much and actually put me off. Sure, it must be a great piece of engineering but what is the point in talking about is so much in a consumer video? Does not make sense.

Another feature, which I can say without trying it out, is the touch pad button feature. Why is that a big deal? You can click on the touch pad already without it being a button – you can tap it.

Apple has been a great innovator and I like the company for it. I am very big proponent of the iPhone, but this time round, I am disappointed!


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