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Automate and Connect anything to ServiceNow with ServiceNow Intelligent Automation


Anuja Pawar

May 16, 2022

In a world where going faster with greater consistency is a desired outcome, automation is one of the most pivotal factors that helps achieve both – speed and consistency. It differentiates high performing businesses from those struggling to keep up, giving the former a clear competitive edge – higher revenues, improved workforce productivity and fewer business continuity disruptions.

ServiceNow provides a comprehensive cloud platform to drive end-to-end automation that helps your business realize new levels of efficiency, integration and productivity. Automation engine offers a native low code suite of automation and integration capabilities that work cohesively with both your modern as well as your legacy enterprise systems.

Emergence of Intelligent Automation

The challenges any IT organization face are not new – Loads of unpredictable and poorly managed outages, errors in categorization and in forecasting performance of services. All these challenges result in a breach of KPI targets, leading to longer resolution times, wrong solutions and direction.ServiceNow’s Intelligent Automation Engine comes with non-stop cloud service that is empowered by the strengths of machine learning. This makes the Intelligent Automation Engine accurately route the requests, predict outages along with performance prediction and comparison of service levels with peers.

How ServiceNow Intelligent Automation Adds Value To Your Business

To foster the digital transformation efforts of business, intelligent automation has become mandatory. ServiceNow’s Intelligent automation with its machine learning capabilities analyzes the various business environments and speeds up the overall business decision process.

business decision process

Ways to prepare for ServiceNow automation

Automate IT processes, first

Since IT is at the core of many processes, your initial focus should be to automate IT processes. This will allow your IT teams to gain experience and build capabilities for other departments to leverage.

Focus on High-Visibility Processes

Start with processes with high levels of awareness that requires considerable time and effort. In case you fail, or problems arise, you will still have more time to plan a solution.

Create a Culture of Coordination

Your key-decision makers are your best bet, try to involve them to select which processes to automate.

Create robust ITIL knowledge

Train your staff on ITIL and basic IT Service Management principles to gain background knowledge for ServiceNow intelligent automation implementation.

As you plan to implement intelligent automation, learn about your business goals, what you want to automate to bring desired results, prioritize automation opportunities and lastly, get in touch with a trusted ServiceNow Partner.

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