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The Bright side of UX - Dark Mode


Manish Malpani

November 02, 2020

Dark isn’t dark! It is the hottest and the brightest trend in UX today. It looks ultra-modern and communicates your content’s depth besides offering a spotlight to the content.

Why so much noise over the dark mode?

It is suitable for eyes: Dark Mode is perfect when you wish to access your favorite Apps late at night or early in the morning as it makes the screen easier to see in low-ambient lighting. Also, it reduces strain on the eyes in low-light conditions.

Saves Battery: Anything that saves battery is welcome! Yes, dark mode is undeniably a big battery savior and gives users more reasons to use it. 

Adds volume to content: Absolutely! Read a piece of content on the traditional white mode and then switch it to dark mode; you will instantly see the difference. It makes the content shine while focusing less on the interface and highlighting and popping other design elements.

Looks impressive: Let’s be honest, dark mode looks super amazing and appealing to eyes. While most products are going for that similar bland white look, the dark mode does offer something different that feels mysterious and new. It also provides excellent opportunities for presenting graphic content such as graphs, dashboards, pictures, and photos. 

Let us look at some examples 

It has taken the UX world by storm and created ripples amongst designing firms. Tech giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and Apple have used it in their products, making it an optional feature that users can turn on and off. 

Facebook, Instagram, iOS, Etc.

Because it elevates user experience and enhances the aesthetics of your App. But before you decide to opt for it, make sure you always maintain the true identity of your brand and that the Dark mode respects your core product purpose, feels familiar to your users, and sets a foundation for future growth and success.

At its best, dark mode balances familiarity with excitement and shows people we’re paying attention to how they use our products!

Have you applied dark mode to your products? Share your learnings with us  

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