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Busting 5 myths about WordPress and WordPress VIP


Jeevan Sharma

January 30, 2023

The good and the not so good, what have you heard about WordPress and WordPress VIP? From “open source isn’t safe” to “WordPress VIP is CMS overkill,” there are plenty of myths and misconceptions in the wild that need addressing.

Let’s start setting the record straight with these 5.

WordPress VIP myth 1: Anything based on open source code is insecure

WordPress VIP proudly has its roots in open source. Rather than a liability, it’s actually one of the platform’s strengths.

Yes, by definition, open source operates in the open, freely available to a worldwide network of developers. But here’s the thing: those developers are continually making updates, improvements, and patches to core WordPress code—in the open.

If security vulnerabilities or bugs are found, fixes happen right away—again, in the open—instead of possibly festering for weeks or months or longer, often the case with closed source or proprietary software.

Besides continual code testing by thousands of WordPress core contributors, “bug bounty” programs encourage the wider WordPress community to hunt for security vulnerabilities, e.g., brute force attacks, DDoS, phishing.

In the end, we believe “more eyes on the core code” inspires trust and confidence in open source software (as well as platforms like WordPress VIP built on it) and less FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).


FedRAMP certification also means peace of mind for clients in other high-risk industries like finance and healthcare who want to leverage the many benefits of the WordPress CMS.

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WordPress VIP myth 2: WordPress is not for enterprises or larger businesses, only personal blogs

WordPress VIP is built on top of WordPress—and that’s a good thing if you’re a content creator or content developer.

WordPress is far and away the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), powering digital experiences for more than 40% of the web, from personal blogs to small business websites to some of the biggest digital brands on Earth.

Unfortunately, many enterprise CMS tools are clunky, and hard to use, with steep learning curves. Not so with WordPress VIP, which features the consumer-grade usability of WordPress at its core and enterprise-grade security and infrastructure. As a result, WordPress VIP customers get the best of both worlds, benefiting from the intuitive content creation tools WordPress is renowned for.

most secure

Among other things, these brands enjoy the “democratization of publishing,” whereby anyone familiar with WordPress can create and publish content right away, without technical roadblocks or waiting for developers to assist.

P.S. Don’t let all those big names lead you to believe WordPress VIP isn’t suitable for up-and-coming brands as well.

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WordPress VIP myth 3: WordPress VIP is not involved in the development of WordPress

In fact, WordPress VIP are core contributors to WordPress, impacting its development since Day 1.

WordPress VIP is part of Automattic, whose CEO (Matt Mullenweg) is the co-founder of WordPress.

That closest-to-the-fire heritage gives them a unique role (and serious advantage) in driving WordPress at scale for many of the world’s highest traffic websites. From highly regulated industries and key government agencies to commerce experiences and top media sites, they provide the most robust, secure, and scalable architecture for WordPress deployments.


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WordPress VIP myth 4: WordPress VIP will design your site

While the platform is a stable and performant home for your digital properties, design and development are specialized tasks best handled by a qualified agency partner like InfoBeans. We can help you develop beautiful and engaging WordPress websites for enterprise customers.

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WordPress VIP myth 5: Going with WordPress.com is all you’ll ever need

For individuals or small businesses, WordPress.com is a great choice, especially as it relieves you of the burden of trying to self-host WordPress.

But if you’re a large enterprise, with thousands of potential content creators, high site traffic, high-profile risk, complex security requirements, and custom apps to deploy, WordPress VIP makes more sense—and can save you money in the long run over other enterprise solutions.

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