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Coding by voice - The next frontier in software development


Govind Meena

September 18, 2023

Presenting CodeAccelerator, an AI-powered innovative and cutting-edge tool that empowers developers to code with voice.

How does it do that?

By allowing developers to write code using natural speech as an input. 

Is it software?

No, it is a tool that converts human speech into a systematic digital form, providing developers with a seamless coding experience.

What is so unique about it?

It has a developer-centric design.

From the ground up, this tool has been built with the needs of developers in mind. 

Whether you’re an experienced coder or just starting your programming journey, CodeAccelerator is here to make your life easier.

Coding with voice – how does it work?

Infographic showing the workflow of CodeAccelerator. An integrated buffer recorder and AI/ML is used to generate coding output as per the input code

How will it help the developer community?

Unable to write long codes due to an injury to the hand? Not to worry. 

CodeAccelerator helps you be productive without typing at all. Don’t get stuck at your keyboard all day. Break up your workflow by using natural voice commands without worrying about syntax, formatting, or symbols.

Example: Using CodeAccelerator, instead of using the mouse and keyboard to navigate to line 42 of a file, you can just say: “line 42”, “go to line 42” or even “please go to line 42”

Physical disabilities? It is a blessing for you as well.

If you have a medical condition that prevents you from using a keyboard or mouse, you can still code using CodeAccelerator.  Continue coding using natural speech, which empowers you to pursue your passion without hindrance.

It does not stop here, there are more examples where you can make use of the tool to code with voice.

Code Accelerator caters to individuals with visual impairments. Traditional coding tools heavily rely on visual interfaces, which can be inaccessible to visually impaired developers

By offering a speech-to-code engine, CodeAccelerator removes barriers and provides an inclusive coding environment where everyone can participate and contribute. 

In addition to accessibility, CodeAccelerator improves the accuracy and precision of coding. Working around physical limitations can often result in errors or inaccuracies in code. 

By providing a systematic line of code as an output, CodeAccelerator helps developers maintain accuracy and reduces the chances of introducing errors into their codebase.

What are the benefits of coding with voice using CodeAccelerator?


It saves valuable time by eliminating the need to repeatedly type out code, allowing developers to focus on the logic and structure of their programs. This not only enhances productivity but also promotes creative and flexible thinking as developers can express their ideas naturally through speech.

It enhances consistency in coding practices. By standardizing the generated code output, it helps maintain a uniform style and structure across projects, reducing confusion and promoting collaboration among developers.

It eliminates human errors and provides a more efficient coding process, CodeAccelerator increases the peak performance time of developers. They can focus on problem-solving and innovation rather than getting stuck in tedious and time-consuming typing tasks.

What’s next in the coding with voice journey?

  • Language independent programming
  • Programming in any global language
  • Scalable to using it on mobile devices

A quick wrap-up

CodeAccelerator is a flexible, inclusive, and efficient tool that unlocks new possibilities and enhances the coding experience for developers worldwide. 

Are you ready to supercharge your workflow with your voice? To learn more about Code Accelerator, contact us.

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