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Salesforce AI Cloud has entered the chat: What you need to know


Dhavan Rathore

June 26, 2023

Have you heard the news yet? I’m sure you have. 

Salesforce is all set to take the ultra-competitive AI space by storm with a suite of tools designed to revolutionize customer experience and boost productivity.

Called AI Cloud, the suite is Salesforce’s way of incorporating the power of AI into their product lineup and delivering top-notch “enterprise ready” AI solutions. The aim of the suite is to create a new level of customer experience and business productivity. Salesforce’s AI Cloud, driven by Einstein GPT, empowers enterprises with a bundle of existing GPT offerings.

Of course, this marriage between Salesforce and generative AI comes as no surprise to anyone. If 2020 was the year of the pandemic, 2023 is the year of generative AI. And the latter is definitely much better than the former.

While some companies are tentatively taking baby steps into the pool of this new technology, there are others that are running full speed and taking a nose dive. Salesforce is one of them. By the looks of the announcement, Salesforce seems ready to embrace generative AI with open arms. We can see evidence of it when we look at the new features added to every Salesforce Cloud.

From sales to service to slack, Salesforce has incorporated generative AI everywhere and this is certainly good news for us in the Salesforce ecosystem. While there are obviously some concerns regarding the use of generative AI, considering that the technology is still in its nascent stage, one cannot afford to stay away from it. The future is here, and it’s time to meet it halfway. Salesforce is certainly doing that. Why shouldn’t we?

Speaking of Salesforce, here’s what you can look forward to from this powerful collaboration:

Sales GPT: Effortlessly auto-craft personalized emails tailored to customer needs using CRM data. Experience faster, smarter, and more efficient sales strategies.

Service GPT & Field Service GPT: Utilize real-time data from the Data Cloud, combined with trusted AI, to elevate your customer service to new heights. Automatically create service briefings, case summaries, and work orders based on trusted case data and customer history. 

Marketing GPT: Swiftly generate precise audience segments, leveraging natural language prompts and AI-driven recommendations for enhanced targeting. Ensure your messages and offers reach the right people at the right time, forging meaningful customer connections that yield outstanding results.

Commerce GPT: Automatically customize product descriptions for each individual buyer based on their specific customer data. Achieve commerce goals with GPT-guided recommendations. 

Slack GPT: Experience conversational AI natively in Slack. Build no-code workflows that embed AI actions with simple prompts at each step, making it effortless for anyone to deploy AI automation.  

Tableau GPT: Easily uncover valuable insights by asking questions in a conversational manner, leading to more intelligent data experiences. A prime use case of Tableau GPT is for sales leaders. They can generate visualizations based on natural language prompts that display real-time progress against their quota, along with recommendations for helping them meet goals.

Flow GPT: Create workflows from a single text prompt. This workflow can then automatically notify a sales representative when a lead is converted into an opportunity. The process of managing leads and opportunities becomes seamless and efficient, providing users with greater control and productivity.

Apex GPT: Code faster by using Apex GPT to swiftly scan for code vulnerabilities and receive inline code suggestions – right from the Salesforce integrated development environment. Developers can now write secure and high-quality code with greater speed and ease.

Einstein GPT Trust Layer

So, what makes AI Cloud stand out from the crowd? Remember, those concerns I mentioned at the start of the blog. Well, Salesforce has made efforts to address them. With the Einstein Trust Layer, a snazzy new AI moderation and redaction service. Its mission? To make sure those text-generating models don’t spill the beans on sensitive info like customer purchase orders and phone numbers.

Einstein Trust Layer is like a data security guard. It keeps a watchful eye on any prompts that might have sensitive tidbits and swiftly removes them in the backend before they reach the model. Talk about a trusty sidekick! 

And if that wasn’t enough, Salesforce is rolling out a parade of prompt “templates” and snazzy tools for building them. Prompt engineering isn’t exactly new. Writer, Jasper, and even Grammarly have already capitalized on this. But here’s where Salesforce is setting itself apart: the ease with which Salesforce data can be connected to (and manipulated by) a model. 

For trailblazers like us who are already knee-deep in the Salesforce product ecosystem, this is one heck of a sales pitch, wouldn’t you say? Lots to look forward to.

AI Cloud will launch sometime this year, Salesforce says, with Einstein Trust Layer set to become generally available later this month (June 2023).

To fully explore the potential of Salesforce’s AI Cloud, you can connect with our experts here.

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