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CSR Initiative at InfoBeans


Kanupriya Manchanda

January 04, 2013

It is pleasure to share that we recently got associated in initiative to help educate the underprivileged children.

We got in touch with Mr S K Jain (Retired MP Electric board member) who is currently working towards educating the kids of labor working on construction site in Scheme No 114 near Vijay Nagar. It is a group of 25 kids. He got them admitted to government school and arranged a private tutor in evening with objective of getting those kids equivalent to our kids currently studying in First Class. They are not associated with any organization or brand but the real needy people who lack awareness. The classes are actually been taken on street.

We thought of joining hands with S K Jain to fulfill his mission and make it Ours.

  •  To begin with we had fun doing the following:
  • Taught those kids for a week
  • Shown them Cartoon movie to entertain have fun
  • Taken session on Hygiene habits
  • Distributed writing tables to provide the basic infrastructure

What really creates a WOW is the satisfaction you get by spending time with them.

Special thanks and Kudos to Aarya Bhosale, Jeevan Sharma, Saji Koshti, Rafat Ali, Vikas Nema,Amit Panchal, Ritu Choudhary, Divya Jain; Tarulata Champawat; Rajni Mulchandani; Sumedha Wani; Anjali Pillai; Sonali Malu, Shyam Vyas, Gagandeep Sangar, Priyanka Bhalekar and Aishvarya Pathak who have joined hands with us for same.

If you are also interested in joining please write to us at ibcare@infobeans.com

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