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Data Yaar: Unleash your data in motion


Kumarswami Mathapati

March 13, 2024

Data Yaar made its debut at Innovation Day 2024, InfoBeans’ annual flagship event.

Understanding the problem – Challenges in field API name & usage tracking

In Salesforce CPQ (Configure Price Quote), difficulties arise when locating where a field API name is used across the system. This lack of visibility causes inefficiencies in field management, especially in large datasets. The challenges we observed were:

  • Inefficient updates: Updating fields or API names can be scary because administrators are unsure as to how it might affect the whole system.
  • Data integrity concerns: Difficulty in identifying all field API instances leads to potential data inconsistencies.
  • Time-consuming troubleshooting: Manual search across objects and configurations elongates issue resolution related to specific fields.
  • Compliance & governance risks: The inability to rapidly assess field API usage poses risks in meeting strict industry compliance and governance standards.

The solution: Data Yaar

A robust solution is needed to address these challenges, which provides administrators and developers with a tool to discover where a specific field API name is utilized across Salesforce CPQ records.

Enter Data Yaar. Data Yaar offers comprehensive dependency mapping, streamlines the data deployment process, and enhances overall visibility into the usage of field API names. By implementing Data Yaar, organizations can enhance the efficiency of their Salesforce CPQ data automation and data deployment processes, leading to improved data integrity and reduced operational risks.

Key features of Data Yaar

  • Search and filter: Efficient search and filter capabilities to quickly locate instances where a particular field API name is used, reducing the need for manual exploration.
  • Automation and alerts: Automated alerts and notifications to inform administrators of changes to field API usage, ensuring proactive management of configurations.
  • Dependency visualization: A tool that visually represents dependencies between records and fields, allowing users to understand the impact of changes and identify where a specific field API name is referenced.
  • Data deployment validation: Integration with the data deployment process to validate and highlight potential issues related to field API usage before initiating deployment, minimizing risks and errors.
  • Reporting and analytics: Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to track field API usage over time, facilitating audits, compliance checks, and performance monitoring.
Comparative analysis

Target audience

Future roadmap

Data Yaar envisions building a more advanced and updated version shortly, catering to evolving industry needs and ensuring continuous innovation in data deployment solutions.

With Data Yaar, organizations can unlock the true potential of their Salesforce CPQ automation, revolutionizing data deployment and driving business growth.

Final thoughts

Data Yaar represents more than just a solution; it embodies the spirit of innovation and progress in the realm of Salesforce automation. With Data Yaar, organizations no longer need to grapple with the challenges of manual exploration, inefficient updates, and compliance risks in Salesforce CPQ. Instead, they can embrace a future where data deployment is streamlined, efficient, and proactive.

As we look ahead, the promise of Data Yaar extends beyond mere optimization; it heralds a future where organizations can confidently navigate the ever-evolving landscape of data deployment with ease and precision.

We invite you to embark on this journey with Data Yaar and unleash the full potential of your data in motion. Together, let’s redefine the standards of data deployment and propel your organization toward success in the digital age.

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