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Dear Apple -


Siddharth Sethi

August 29, 2014

Dear Apple –

So that time of the year again. One more event from Apple and hordes of people coming out with their predictions and analysis. Why should I be left out? Here are some good to haves and not so good to haves from me.

  • Yosemite is great, but its time they stabilise it now. Need them to come up with a solid followup to the beta versions. Yes, I know these were beta versions, but of all things Safari stopped working for a few of us. Can’t live with that, if you are Mac, can you?
  • We need a far better mail client than what we have. Apple Mail is just too bloated and too slow.
  • We don’t need a smart watch from Apple. What will happen to all the Rolex and Omegas out there? Need another fashion accessory. I just don’t see people wearing a cheap (comparatively speaking) watch from Apple. We love our fashion and Apple’s mass productions won’t work. As it is these days, wherever you look, you just see iPhones. And some Galaxies, but thats it. These guys have killed the market.
  • I sure as hell don’t need a bigger phone. My jeans aren’t getting bigger pockets than I already have. I need a phone. A smarter phone, not a bigger phone. Remember, 10 years ago, there was a race to make smaller and smaller phones. The iPhone 5S is just the right size and I am don’t see a need for a bigger one. And if you need to make a phablet, just pop in a phone app on the iPad mini.
  • Need more colors on the iPhone 5S. Silver, Gold and black – that’s it? Need more.
  • And we need a slicker case for the iPhone 5S. Come up with something that preserves the beauty of the 5S. Not something that acts like a burkha.
  • Pretty sure, it’s not going to happen this time round, but for the record – we need a touch screen Macbook. Pretty darn time Apple came to bring the touch screens it has mastered on the iPhone to a Macbook. I mean why not? Can’t for the life of me figure out what is stopping Apple here.
  • Now that Beats is family, we need better ear phones. Use their expertise, create something that sounds, looks and feels better. The iconic white ones, are now just that – iconic. They need to be made history. We just want the stock ear phones with the iPhones improved. Drastically.
  • iPod touch – not sure where that thing is these days. Who needs an iPod touch anyway? Get rid of it. One less thing to worry about for the holidays!

So here goes. Lets see how Sept 9 turns out to be.

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