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How embracing Digital Transformation can be a game-changer for the Publishing Industry


Vatsala Garg

December 10, 2020

The publishing industry is experiencing an evolution; magazines are replaced by shiny screens and tomes by tweets. Undeniably, the industry has been facing tremendous challenges after the advent of online platforms and witnessed a dramatic change in customer’s preferences for the online medium. Now the customers no longer want to be glued to print publications and wish to consume content on the go made possible by devices like Mobiles, Tablets, I pads and Kindle. The only option that remains with the publishers is to abandon the traditional print publishing methods and embrace digital transformation.

So, What does digital transformation in publishing look like? 

When publishing companies rush to adapt to continually changing technology and the needs of their customers, it is said to be on the digital transformation trajectory. Publishers have realized that digitization is critical to business growth and anticipate there will be several opportunities for digitization going forward.

Digitization: The publishers can now convert all their printed property in the form of digitized content by way of various Data Conversion techniques. It includes evaluating data, conversion planning, and analysis, besides including converting printed formats to different formats like XML Word or ePUB.

Content optimization: Educators are cohesively working with Governments and local authorities to optimize content for digital platforms and ensure its multi-platform availability. CMS like Learning Management and Homework Management Systems allow them to personalize and optimize education for each student and get rid of hurdles such as frequent content changes, stringent deadlines, and workflow bottlenecks through state-of-the-art Content Management Systems.

Automation: Understanding how to effectively utilize automation without compromising quality is a must. It is one of the most effective ways to cut costs while improving efficiency. From manuscripts to print, all the processes can be automated, which saves time, and publishers can now focus on more value-added or productive activities.

Legacy Modernization: Modernization of the traditional platforms, if planned meticulously and with a clear roadmap, adds value to businesses in terms of offering agility to business processes, scalability to handle future growth, remarkable customer experience, and digital transformation. Publishers or SDOs can adopt applications like Portal on the cloud, virtual library, online reading, and virtual publications to move from legacy to modern. 

Workflow Management: Publishers exploring digitization will see opportunities in optimizing the workflow process of authoring, editing, and publishing content from the start. Optimizing workflow efficiencies with machine learning solutions, digitized production processes, and automated rights management will speed up time to market and offer considerable cost savings. Document Management System for SDOs is an excellent example of an efficient workflow process. 

Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality could completely change the way journalists not only report but construct stories. It is a movement away from storytelling to “story-living.” Virtual Reality gives readers a 360-degree immersion into a world in which a story occurs. Readers will no longer consume passively but will participate in the absorption of content.

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