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Drive business success with PWA


Vatsala Garg

September 10, 2020

In the second quarter of 2020, users downloaded 28.7 billion apps from Google Play and 9.1 million from the Apple App Store. With an ever-increasing App download and the impact it creates on the business ecosystem, business owners are also venturing into having an App developed. It is now seen more as a necessary step for most companies like it was developing a website many years ago.

PWA is a mobile website with the functionality of an App, giving users the speed of the internet and the experience of a mobile application. It has risen in popularity and is preferred by the users over the native Apps because of issues with the native apps, such as cost and the significant amount of data and storage required on the users’ device. As PWA takes less space and is not heavy on pockets, business owners have also started switching from native to PWA, and it has now become one of the drivers of business success.

Reasons Why Progressive Web Apps may be better for your business

1.Low Data Usage: PWAs only use a fraction of data usage compared to native apps and require limited storage on the device, contributing to better performance on smartphones.

To provide its users who use low-end mobile devices with a similar web experience as their mobile app, Uber built a progressive web app that works on 2G networks. So regardless of your network speed, device, and even location, you can use Uber’s PWA to book a ride. This is especially helpful if you’re in a location with spotty service, or your phone isn’t compatible with their mobile app.

2.Works offline: Yes, they do! PWA has revolutionized online users’ experience as they work offline with the same ease and speed as they work in online mode.

Starbucks’ progressive web app is quite similar to its native mobile app, but its biggest difference is that their PWA works offline. When you’re offline, you can use their PWA to browse their menu, customize your orders, and add items to your cart. When you’re online, you can check each store location’s prices and place orders.

3.Remarkable user experience: It goes without saying that PWA offers its users and business owners an outstanding experience. On the one hand, it consumes less data, storage, loads fast, and is cheaper; on the other, it increases conversion rates, page speed, user session, and significantly decreases bounce rate.

When Pinterest discovered that only 1% of their mobile users converted into sign-ups, logins, or native app installs because of their app’s poor user experience (a 23 second load time), they reconstructed their mobile app as a progressive web application. Within three months, their PWA saw a 40% increase in time spent over five minutes, a 44% increase in user-generated ad revenue, and a 50% increase in ad click-throughs compared to their old mobile app.

4.Low cost: For companies, the cost of developing a PWA is much cheaper than developing a native app.

MakeMyTrip’s native mobile app accounts for over two-thirds of the site’s traffic and drives half of its bookings. However, after they developed a PWA, they noticed that getting customers to their mobile website was considerably lower than the cost of driving app downloads.

5.Great For SEO: PWA can boost the accessibility and searchability of your app. Your PWA will be indexed quickly, and it provides a great user experience, which all adds to the success of your SEO strategy. You can implement PWAs into your existing online marketing plan.

Bookmyshow loads in just 2.94 seconds without compromising the user experience, resulting in an  80+% increase in conversions.

Should you switch to PWA?

Major brands are moving to PWA’s, and it is easy to understand why.

Still not sure if you should make the switch?  

Reach us for assistance on how our PWA solutions can reduce your Apps loading time and increase conversion rates resulting in an increase in business revenue. Contact us for more details.


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