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Driving Enterprise Digital Transformation with ServiceNow


Jitin Hirani

March 13, 2018

85% of enterprise decision makers feel they have a timeframe of two years to make significant inroads on their digital transformation before suffering financially and/or falling behind their competitors.

While the talks of digital transformation have been going around since past decade or so, it is now that it has become imperative for all businesses, irrespective of their size and industry vertical. Several conference talks, keynotes, industry news and articles, and studies and research are supporting this fact that to remain competitive and relevant in today’s digital age, businesses need to digitally transform themselves.

Digital transformation means different things to different companies. However, in a nutshell, it is about integrating digital technology to enhance business processes and operations to deliver value to the customers. It is about innovating, becoming more productive, and creating delightful customer experiences by putting technology at the heart of the organization processes. Digital transformation involves optimized information management to better engage employees, customers, and partners, increase customer-centricity, and achieve operational excellence.

A recent study by Forrester Research found that apart from the customers, today, even the employees expect the same kinds of experiences from the companies they work for as they do as a consumer. To achieve this, the CIOs are partnering with the other members of C-suite such as Chief Human Resources Officers to deliver excellent employee experiences. CIOs leading the digital transformation initiatives are looking for technology platforms to streamline the workflows, eliminate silos, and enhance collaboration and interactions across various teams.

To support the digital transformation goals of the enterprises across the world, ServiceNow, the leader in IT Service Management, is expanded its solutions in non-ITSM functional areas such as HR Service Delivery and Customer Service Management. Let’s take a look –

IT Service Management
IT service management has moved from being a cost center to a strategic department. ServiceNow helps facilitate collaboration between IT service and delivery teams in a flexible manner. It makes it easy to put in service requests and through automation and intelligent categorization, IT teams can deliver services very quickly. IT teams have better control and visibility over IT operations and infrastructure through tools like Agent Intelligence, which automatically categorize and assign tasks whereas; tools like Performance Analytics provide them real-time, actionable insights.

HR Service Delivery
With knowledge workers becoming more social, connected, global, and mobile, they expect a consumer-like service and excellent mobile and digital experiences from key function areas like HR. Since the traditional HR models with legacy technology and confusing processes fail to meet the expectations of the digital workforce, organizations have started investing in solutions like ServiceNow to modernize their HR service delivery. Through intelligent automation, ServiceNow helps organizations in transforming their HR service delivery. It helps companies improve their retention rates through automated onboarding processes which make the onboarding a very pleasing, smooth, and seamless experience. The self-service portals allow employees to access HR information anytime and find answers to their common questions on their own. ServiceNow’s tools also make the HR functions a lot more productive as the staff members spend very little time in time-consuming tasks. An excellent HR service helps in keeping employees happy, more engaged, connected, and makes them feel valued.

Customer Service Management
To stay ahead of the competition and to address the needs of today’s digital customers, organizations are now focusing on creating exceptional customer service experiences for their customer. Customer experience and customer satisfaction are two major factors influencing organizations’ decisions of implementing a digital transformation strategy. ServiceNow Customer Service Management provides an omni-channel customer service solution which helps in increasing customer satisfaction by systematically identifying the root causes of customer issues and quickly resolving them. It automates the repeated customer requests and makes those available as self-service actions in customer portals. It brings together other parts of the business such as accounts, operations, engineering to help in faster issue resolution and makes customer service a team sport. Its advanced analytics in proactively addressing KPI trends.

The latest Forrester Wave: Strategic Portfolio Management Tools for Q3 2017 report has recognized ServiceNow as a Strategic Portfolio Management Leader who can help companies drive their digital transformation initiatives. It offers a single common platform for various teams across the organization and eradicates working in silos. By providing a common view and management of all resources and work, it helps the teams work faster, smarter, and in a more collaborative manner. The real value of technology is realized when a single technology platform is deployed to provide unified information to various stakeholders across multiple departments and silos are removed. That’s exactly what ServiceNow offers.

ServiceNow, with its cross-functional offerings and workflows, is helping CIOs transform into Chief Transformation Officers leading the digital transformation initiatives.

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