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Drupal 8


Ashish Jain

March 17, 2015

Drupal is a comprehensive content management framework which many of us already love.

With Drupal 8 getting ready to be in market, Drupal community claims “Drupal 8 will be the most customizable and adaptable release of Drupal ever!”

What is it in store for Drupal 8 users?

  • Drupal is robust and secure enough to run large scale sites
  • Enjoy fast time to market: Spun out sites in matter of few minutes and deploy/edit contents more quickly
  • Endless Flexibility: Drupal 8 can be extended with any licensing or contract headaches
  • Mobile Capabilities: Drupal 8’s responsive capabilities and mobile-friendly administrative features ensure your content looks great on any screen
  • Multilingual Capabilities: Easily translate anything on your site with built-in user interfaces.
  • Integration of marketing software’s: Integrate CRM, Email, Marketing Automation and other software with Drupal 8 as if they are part of Drupal 8
  • Built in Web Services: Build mobile apps with Drupal 8 as the data source, or even post back to Drupal 8 from the client.

Let’s have an overview of features and capabilities of Drupal 8.


  • Field Power: Drupal 8 extend content structuring system by including more field types in core viz.
    • New Types: entity reference, link, date, e-mail, telephone, etc.
    • Comments are now a field
  • Customize pages with Views: Views is now built into core and it is deeply integrated. The front page listing is now a view, as are several administration pages.
  • Highly improved content editing: With the new editor functionality and bundled CKEditor WYSIWYG editor, it has never been easier to edit content in Drupal.
    • In-place editing of content without having to use the full edit form
    • WYSIWYG configuration made easy with web security in mind
    • Draft saving made easier
  • New Configuration System: Drupal 8 comes with a file system-based configuration management system, which makes it much simpler to transport configuration changes such as new content types, fields, or views from development to production. It even lets you use version control for your configuration.


  • Mobile Friendly: In Drupal 8, all built-in themes are responsive. Even administration pages work much better on mobile devices. Tables shrink properly, and the new toolbar included in Drupal 8 is mobile-friendly from the start.
  • Better mark up using HTML 5
  • Multilingual: Drupal 8 is a game-changer when it comes to multilingual sites, from the first installer screen all the way to translating views and image fields.
  • Web services built in: Build mobile apps with Drupal as the data source, or even post back to Drupal from the client. Drupal 8 implements the state-of-the-art Hypertext Application Language (HAL) as well which will allow
    • Expose content as JSON or XML
    • Authenticate the client with HTTP authentication
    • Expose Views-generated lists as services
  • Migrate from earlier versions of Drupal: Inspired by the migrate module, Drupal 8 will include content import tools which will enable you to import content from Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 into new version.
  • Twig for theming: The new release includes the flexible, fast, and secure template engine for PHP called Twig.
  • PHPUnit tests: Drupal 8 also includes PHPUnit for quicker and more focused testing. Numerous tests are converted or written in PHPUnit.

So Question is when it is getting available.

To whom will Drupal 8 help

  • CIO’s as Drupal 8 is
    • More Efficient
    • Faster Time to Market
    • More Ready to Scale
  • Marketers as Drupal 8 is
    • Mobile
    • Multilingual & Feature Rich
  • Developers as Drupal 8 is
    • Modern OOP Approach
    • Built-in Web Services
  • Site builders / Editors as Drupal 8 is
    • Powerful content customization features
    • Simpler Configuration tools

This is all from me for this article. Hope you enjoyed this article.

Credits: https://drupal.org/drupal-8.0

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