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EazeAccent - Enabling effective communication | Innovation Day 2023


Nikhil Rai Kanungo

June 07, 2023

Note: EazeAccent is an innovation showcased on Innovation Day 2023, the annual flagship event of InfoBeans. The event invites the best and brightest minds of the InfoBeans family to showcase their innovative ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and groundbreaking solutions.

Eaze Accent

Are you struggling to understand clients or colleagues due to accent barriers? 

Introduce EazeAccent to your communication toolkit. This innovative solution bridges the gap between different accents, allowing for seamless communication.

Imagine a world where individuals from different regions, continents, and countries can communicate seamlessly without misunderstandings or delays. With EazeAccent, this vision becomes a reality. 

English is as close to a universally spoken language as we’ll ever have. However, one of the biggest obstacles to effective communication is the presence of native accents. Even though two individuals may be speaking the same language, their accents can hinder the message from being conveyed accurately. 

This problem is particularly prominent in international business settings, where teams from diverse backgrounds collaborate on projects. Team EazeAccent recognized the problem and proposed a unique solution. 

They created a tool called EazeAccent which bridges the communication gap caused by accents, ensuring that everyone can understand and be understood.

Infographic on the importance of communication for businesses

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Working Mechanism – How it works

Any communication involves two primary parties: the speaker and the listener. 

The speaker generates an audio stream while speaking, which is then passed to the EazeAccent engine. This is where the magic happens. The engine converts the audio speech into text format. Once the speech is transformed into text, it is transmitted to the back-end server.

Infographic showing the working mechanism of EazeAccent, as described in the para below

Working Mechanism of EazeAccent

The back-end server receives the text and emits it to the receiver end, where the text is converted back into speech with the desired accent. This conversion ensures that the listener comprehends the message in their own familiar accent. 

For Proof of Concept (POC), the team used a pre-configured and pre-trained model. However, it is possible to create custom models and incorporate additional accents as needed. This flexibility ensures that the tool can adapt and cater to the specific linguistic requirements of its users. 

Currently, the pre-trained model supports an impressive range of 22 different accents, catering to a diverse user base.

2 members of Team EazeAccent showing a demo of the product on stage.

Team EazeAccent providing a demo on stage

Endless Possibilities Ahead – The Future of EazeAccent

Aid in Online meetings: Professionals in multinational corporations can utilize this tool during virtual meetings, where each participant can speak in their native accent while others receive the audio in their own familiar accent. This will enhance comprehension and foster a more inclusive environment. 

Captions or Subtitle: EazeAccent’s speech-to-text feature can prove invaluable in situations such as medical consultations or educational tutorials where notes need to be taken quickly and accurately.

Sentiment Analysis: EazeAccent goes beyond just converting accents. As an enhancement on top of EazeAccent, it can also perform sentiment analysis, capturing the emotions conveyed through a person’s voice during a meeting. This analysis provides valuable insights for individuals, helping them understand how their voice comes across to others. By leveraging this data, users can work on improving their speaking skills and enhancing their overall communication effectiveness.

Personal Assistant: In addition to its practical applications, EazeAccent can also serve as a personal assistant. It learns the words, sentences, tone, and grammatical mistakes made by individuals, providing them with personalized reports and feedback. This feature enables users to identify areas for improvement and refine their communication abilities over time.

All 4 members of Team EazeAccent standing on stage, answering questions

Team EazeAccent answering Q&A

Final Thoughts

The future of EazeAccent is promising. As the demand for cross-cultural collaboration and communication continues to grow, the need for tools like EazeAccent becomes even more pronounced. 

With further development and customization, EazeAccent has the potential to expand its repertoire of supported accents and cater to even more languages and dialects. The seamless integration of technology and language holds immense possibilities for fostering global understanding and cooperation.

With EazeAccent, the world becomes a smaller, more interconnected place, where people can understand each other regardless of their accents. So, embrace the power of EazeAccent and let your words be heard loud and clear.

To learn more about EazeAccent, contact us here.

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