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End-to-End Tourism Solution


Mradul Chaturvedi

June 23, 2017

Spending money on experiences as opposed to things leads to greater satisfaction and happiness!

How a tourist experienced at a vacation is all that one cherish as the memory.

We help you bring your organization efforts to the front of the pack. Our tourism feedback system is a fully integrated end-to-end solution for travel and tourism with real time visitor data collection, statistics reporting and integrated receptive back office, marketing and fulfillment functions, augmented reality, and so forth.

Different states’ tourism boards can collect into actionable insights and make the destination flawless. Tourist Feedback System is a solution that closes the loop of an End-to-End tourism solution.

Your Tourists are Your Strongest Promoter

We are trying to disrupt traditional ways of attracting tourism and getting visitors not to visit just once but again and again.

Collecting overall satisfaction score along with the overall Likelihood score helps in determining the Net Promoter Score for your location, when useful insights regarding key improvement indicators like Excursions, Law & Order, Ease of Roaming, Hospitality becomes the key legend in bringing most for improved tourist experience.

Your visitor or tourist becomes the promoter of your tourism location; tourists are the strongest promoter for a location.

Tourism Promotion that works

Tourism boards spend millions from their budget for advertising and promotions to reach out to as many people as possible. However, these ways of promoting help only 5% of what is seen on a brochure or a tourism advertisement. What can make a lasting impression is a realistic experience of a tourism destination through Virtual Reality which entices the viewer to visit the destination having seen it on a VR headset.

Assistive Technology and guidance to navigate

When language becomes a barrier to travel, smart chatbots help you to understand things in your own language with Natural Language processing. The same app helps you guide yourself through the streets or highways with customized AR (Augmented Reality) maps that help to navigate to nearby café, bar or bus terminal just by popping out your mobile camera and rendering it onto real world surroundings. Having an assistant handy as your PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) on trip provides a lot of ease.

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