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We can’t keep calm, the 2.5-day mega-event is just around the corner!

Forward V is happening from 27th to 29th of September, at The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas. An in-person event after 2 years and we can already foresee the frenzy. The largest gathering of automation experts, and practitioners in one place. An opportunity to connect with like-minded innovators who are harnessing automation forward to fuel their digital business.

Why be a part of UiPath FORWARD V in 2022?

UiPath FORWARD V is one of the most thrilling automation events of the year.

Still in doubt?

Here are five predominant reasons you should not forget to attend Forward V this year:

Phenomenal leaders from well-known companies will be there

Like every year, this year too UiPath Forward will exceed its attendees’ expectations by putting together rockstar line-ups. It will be the biggest congregation of thought leaders and experts who are truly adept at what they do: automation.

If you are interested in knowing how they think and learning more about the grand ideas that keep them at the top of the industry, Forward V is the best place. Nowhere else you will get to witness so much expertise as you would at this event. That’s a promise UiPath has been making since their first Forward event in 2018, and which they have never failed to deliver on.

Mega-Masterclass on Fast-Forward

The event is not only about listening to people who have a depth of experience in the automation/ RPA field, but also a chance to interact with like-minded people and learn from everyone. UiPath Forward is a celebration of intelligence, human cognizance, expertise, and innovation. It’s the automation masterclass on fast-forwarding you towards a totally automated future.

It will help you drive innovation and transformation

Maybe you will get ideas that will completely transform how your organization runs its business. It will spark a shift in your mindset and your outlook on automation/RPA will change entirely. You will be fueled with the best, most qualitative, and most cutting-edge tactics and strategies from the best people in this industry.

Quality Networking

When you wish to connect with like-minded people who are genuinely interested in making the world a more efficient place through automation, Forward V is the place to be. This is more than just a series of keynote speaker sessions or fascinating presentations: it’s an experience that will help you build your career, advance your business, and achieve your goals.

Finally, the Venue

All work, no play makes jack a dull boy!

Needless to say, the Venetian Las Vegas Is an Experience in Itself – the single most exuberant, delectable, and rapturous location.

These are just tips of the iceberg, there are plenty of other reasons to attend. But the ultimate one is: Forward V is where the future of automation is happening.

InfoBeans will be there, and we’d be more than happy to meet and chat about automation. Come join us at UiPath Forward V and let’s help your business fast forward into the future – we’d be more than delighted to discuss this with you!

Vatsala Garg
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