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Free apps…do they ever monetize from their user bases?


Mitesh Bohra

August 17, 2009

We have seen a plethora of free apps out there some with really large user bases. The biggest premise in valuation of such companies (or products) is that “some day”, their will be monetization. Haven’t seen many examples except for a chosen few who have been able to do it. Once someone gets used to free, they never want to pay! I was looking at gaming industry and the barrage of free apps some with hundreds of thousands of users playing at once. The game makers try hard to introduce elements which can be bought but I find it too difficult to mould some one in that direction.

On the contrary look at Wii…came out as a premium product. High price from the getgo and the user community was mad about getting one as if this was a revolution. Well, the user community made it one!

Interested in comments from people about monetization ideas on free stuff…just about anything that you have seen and how people have become successful in such efforts.


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