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Go Green initiative by InfoBeans


Manish Malpani

September 24, 2011

In a continued effort towards propagating environment friendly initiatives and Go Green activities , InfoBeans IB Care organized a Tree plantation event in Shankar Nagar, Indore. IB Care committee took the first steps in transforming a garbage strewn piece of Public land in Shankar Nagar (Near Rafael Tower, Indore office) in to a Community Garden. The event was organized in cooperation with the local community members.

The committee went to each and every household distributing pamphlets and inviting the community members to be part of this event. The aim was to drive home the message of working towards a Greener tomorrow starting at home and in our local community. The garbage was cleaned out and the garden has a proper fence now, with trees and plants planted along the periphery.

The initiative bought the local community together in a bigway and many of them have vowed individually to adopt at least one plant and keep on planting more and more trees. It has also motivated them to work on other community based initiatives as well.

Hopefully it will continue to flourish with the community while being a symbol that small steps can lead to big changes.

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