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Hi-tech Branding: Retailers go for custom iPhone apps as a Branding initiative


Siddharth Sethi

January 21, 2010

Well the one thing which almost every company in any vertical needs is branding and marketing. Being innovative and aligned with latest technology and trend is the key to success, and that’s what we will see in this blog which throws light on the use of technology by Retailers for Branding.

We will discuss the latest trend of having a custom built iPhone app for your Retail organization. Please note that, this app will be serving as a value added services to your customers as well as give your company a space for global branding and marketing through Apple. Features of the app that can be customized as per your company.

Base Version:

  1. Your company logo, picture, branding colors on the main screen
  2. The Product Menu segregated according to Categories
  3. Store Locator : using GPS it will show the nearest outlet
  4. What’s new : any sale or offers going on, best offers, best buys etc…
  5. Media : Advertisement, blogs for promotion etc Extended version:
  6. Online Shopping: user can select the products to be purchased according to categories and can book it online, it will be integrated with online payment gateway. either user can collect it from any store or can receive the product at home.

This branding strategy comes with a whole lot of facilities that makes it easy for the target audience to connect to you easily.

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