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How to integrate Salesforce & NetSuite


Sahil Dhatrak

May 24, 2024

The Salesforce and NetSuite integration is a powerful tool for businesses seeking to unify sales and finance data, optimize customer relationships, and drive efficiency. Let us dive deep into the benefits and the different methods you can use to achieve this seamless integration.

Integrating Salesforce and NetSuite: Four key benefits

Unified customer view

Integrating your CRM and ERP systems reveals the complete customer journey. Sales teams can leverage NetSuite’s financial data alongside Salesforce’s rich customer interaction history, resulting in tailored sales approaches and enhanced customer experiences.

Accelerated decision-making

A seamless integration brings real-time financial insights into Salesforce. This integration empowers sales teams to provide instant answers regarding credit terms, outstanding balances, and more without switching systems. Fast, confident responses translate to shorter sales cycles and increased win rates.

Streamlined workflows

Data flowing effortlessly between systems cuts out manual processes, eliminates errors, and frees sales and finance teams to concentrate on strategic tasks rather than tedious data entry.

Enhanced cross-team collaboration

Sales and finance teams often have visibility gaps that can hinder progress. Integration provides shared real-time insights, leading to better alignment, proactive decision-making, and a unified focus on business growth.

Four NetSuite Salesforce integration options

Let us examine some popular methods for integrating Salesforce and NetSuite:


Apex is Salesforce’s proprietary programming language, offering advanced customization for integrating Salesforce and NetSuite. With Apex, you can develop a tailored integration solution that closely matches your business processes and data flow requirements.

Experienced solution teams at InfoBeans, have leveraged Apex to provide the highest level of customization. Create a bespoke integration that perfectly mirrors your processes and data flow requirements to drive a unified customer view.

Unmatched customization

With Apex, you can tailor every integration aspect to meet your business requirements. Apex enables you to create a solution that suits your organization, whether it involves custom data mappings, complex workflows, or unique processes.

In-house development advantage

If you have skilled Salesforce developers, Apex enables you to develop and maintain your integration internally. This approach ensures that your integration is built by experts who understand your business deeply, resulting in a solution that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Seamless data synchronization

Apex facilitates seamless data synchronization between Salesforce and NetSuite, providing your sales teams with real-time access to critical financial insights directly within Salesforce. This empowers your sales reps to make informed decisions and respond to customer inquiries without switching between systems.

Granular control and security

With Apex, you have granular control over data access and security, ensuring that sensitive financial information remains protected. You can implement custom-built security measures to prevent unauthorized access, giving your organization and customers peace of mind.

Scalability and extensibility

As your business grows, so can your Apex integration. Whether expanding into new markets, adding new product lines, or acquiring new customers, Apex offers the scalability and extensibility needed to support your evolving business requirements.


MuleSoft is a reputed iPaaS solution well-suited for organizations with complex technology landscapes. It offers pre-built connectors and tools for orchestrating data across many enterprise systems, not just Salesforce and NetSuite.

Breadwinner NetSuite connector

Breadwinner NetSuite Connector is a Salesforce-native Appexchange solution that lives entirely within your Salesforce environment.

Some key advantages:

Rapid deployment

The Breadwinner configuration is intuitive and streamlined, which allows you to be up and running in a short time frame.

Ease of use

Your teams are already familiar with Salesforce, minimizing training needs and maximizing immediate adoption.


As a purpose-built connector, Breadwinner often delivers the best long-term value due to its fast implementation and low maintenance requirements. 


Celigo is a well-established iPaaS solution offering a broad range of integration capabilities. Here is why you might consider it:

Extensive customization

Celigo provides flexibility for tailoring the Salesforce-NetSuite connection to specific workflows or data mapping requirements.


If your integration needs to extend far beyond Salesforce and NetSuite, Celigo’s broader platform might be a better fit.

The right approach for you

The ideal integration strategy depends on these factors:

Technical expertise

Assess your in-house development resources and determine whether a custom solution or a pre-built connector is more suitable.

Customization needs

How much tailored data mapping and unique workflows do you require?


Consider upfront costs, subscriptions, and costs for additional customization or maintenance.


How fast do you need results? If rapid deployment is crucial, Salesforce AppExchange solutions do offer an edge.

Embracing the benefits of integration

Integrating Salesforce and NetSuite offers you greater efficiency and an outstanding customer experience. Choosing the integration solution that fits your business will have a lasting, positive impact on your bottom line.

If you are looking for a solution that delivers the robust functionality you need without sacrificing ease of use, speed of implementation, or overall cost-effectiveness, Salesforce’s AppExchange connectors, complemented with the bespoke integration capabilities of the Salesforce Lightning platform, stand out as a compelling choice. This helps instill the power of NetSuite’s financial data seamlessly into the environment your sales team uses daily.

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