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IBuzz 2010


Kanupriya Manchanda

January 19, 2010

Are you an Ex-InfoBee?

Then you are still lucky……..Join us on Saturday, 30th January 2010 for the Sparkling Carnival in Indore City.

This is going to be a sensational event in the history of InfoBeans. To have grand celebration to celebrate Annual function and cheer for the completion of the first decade of InfoBeans existence is how the idea took inception.

The team came up with an amazing thought to make the event special. It is not by calling celebrities or performers from the industry but get the ones who play a very silent but critical role in InfoBeans growth “The extended family of every Team Member (TM)”.

That is not just TM’s spouse and kid but their Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Mother in law, Father in law or whoever to whom the TM is closely bonded with and supported them when they were stretching late in office, working on weekends, spending extra time for work. They are one of the Key Stakeholders of the success of InfoBeans.

I am glad to feel that the entire team is married to the concept of Work Hard and Party Harder. Pune team is coming along with their families to actively participate. TM’s are planning for a fun filled energetic entire day event. They have formed committees like Promotion & Branding, Hospitality, Planning and Execution to make this special for us. It is great to discover an energetic event planner inside all these techie guys.

The first half of the day is going to be filled with games, group events and the night has planned and rehearsed performances ranging from Group Dance, Skits, Mimicry, Solo Dance and what not. Above all this is not going to be only from the TM’s but their families as well.

Special attractions includes rewards & recognitions, prizes, gifts for kids and sumptuous meals J

I will not talk much about it and let you experience it yourself.

Entry by Invitation only.


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